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Failure to arrest Mujuru proves that Gukurahundi was GENOCIDE

26 Nov 2014 at 19:16hrs | Views

Dr Joshua Nkomo, Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, General Lookout Masuku and others were accused of treason and plotting to assassinate Mugabe back in the 1980s. We all know what happened, they were harangued before courts of law (which courts cleared them) but they were thrown back into jail. Dr Nkomo was forced into exile after sacrificing over 50 years of his life for the liberation of the country.

Genocide was to follow on their supporters, with over 100,000 callously murdered by a specially trained militia that wasn't even within the army structures.

The question now is: if Dr Joyce Mujuru, Nicholas Goche, Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo, etc are being accused of the same "crimes" that Drs Nkomo, Dabengwa, Masuku et al were accused, why have they not been arrested up to today? Not even a docket has been opened.

This just goes to show one big thing: Gukurahundi was a GENOCIDE directed at the South Western Nations and nothing more. It was motivated by nothing but hatred, savagery and barbarism that characterizes Zanu-Shona nationalists and nothing. That it was a counter-insurgency operation is a Goebelsian Lie of hellish proportions concocted in the deepest pits of Hell.   

It is for this reason that we the Peoples of the South Western Nations - AmaNdebele, AmaXhosa, Bakalanga, BaNambya, BaSotho, BaTonga, BaTshwao, BaChewa, BaTswana and Vhavenda - must actively seek our freedom, self-government and self-determination in order to secure our future and economic prosperity. Clearly, as long as we remain under Shona rule, we face an existential threat to our future and Peoplehood.

The failure to bring the so-called plotters to justice is just consistent with the Zanu view expounded in their 1979 Grand Plan that "blood is thicker than water." In other words, 'crimes' committed by fellow Shonas are forgivable and can be tolerated. And this is what explains the level of lawlessness, corruption, greed, violence and all other evil things associated with the Stone Age barbarism and savagery that can only be explained as having been designed and commandeered by none other than the very Sons of Satan!

The time of begging and bootlicking our oppressors must surely pass. None but ourselves will bring freedom to our people. Empowering our oppressors with our vote, support, misguided humility and gullibility to Shona nationalist propaganda will not bring us freedom.

As I keep saying, what we need now and into the future is a strong, unapologetic, radical and revolutionary party to represent our cause. Mashonaland parties will not bring us the freedom that we want. We must surely learn from the Scottish National Party (SNP) which is showing that London parties will not bring to the Scots the self-government and self-determination that they need. We must learn from several other regional parties in other countries. When the Derg of the communist dictator Haile Mengistu Marriam oppressed the Ethiopian people, they formed an alliance made up of regional parties - the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF), the Oromo National Democratic Front (ONDF), the Amhara Nation Democratic Movement (ANDM), etc - to fight the evil and oppressive regime. Today Ethiopia stands proud as a Federation, one of the fastest growing economies of Africa.

People of the South Western Nations, I call upon you to imagine what a giant will arise amongst us once we attain our freedom, self-government and self-determination. Imagine our land cleansed of corruption, violence, tribal discrimination, hate, greed and all kinds of evils associated with Shona Gukurahundist rule, imagine what a great Nation we will be, united in our diversity. In the words of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, let's remember that freedom can never be given away for free, it has to be taken away!

To those naïve and gullible skeptics of our Nations who think that Shona Gukurahundist Rule is a myth invented by ignorant radicals, I leave you these words from Mordecai to the Jewish Queen of Pershia, Esther:

"Do not think to yourself that you will escape (Jewish destruction by Persians) in the king's house, more than all the Jews. For if you keep quiet at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but you and your father's house shall be destroyed"!

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Source - Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel Moyo
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