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Tsvangirai please come and wipe away my tears!

17 Dec 2014 at 21:56hrs | Views

EVERYDAY I SNIVEL and I can't take it anymore. President Tsvangirai please come and wipe away my tears. Robert Mugabe has caused a lot of suffering and the only hope for Zimbabwe is Morgan Tsvangirai. The essentials are stubborn and they speak volumes that Robert Mugabe was the hope for Rhodesia; and Morgan Tsvangirai is the hope for a new Zimbabwe. President Tsvangirai please come and wipe away my tears. Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs. The hope of Zimbabwe lies only in Morgan Tsvangirai, the tried and tested. He is the only man who has challenged and taken Robert Mugabe head on; taken the bull by the er er erh, yes the horns! The future of Zimbabwe is bleak. Those with degrees are selling airtime in street corners. Where is the empowerment? Everyone is self employed informally doing one thing or the other. People in Zimbabwe are busy doing nothing as there is nothing to do. It makes me  cry, and in Morgan Tsvangirai we all shall find comfort and prosperity as there are – EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL!

It is not possible to talk about Rhodesia's transformation into Zimbabwe without Zanu Pf and Robert Mugabe coming into mind. The war was fought under many names and Zanu Pf was a slightly organized front when the Rhodesian navy realized that it was check mate. The former ruling party, Zanu Pf has relentlessly used these poignant pockmarks of war to connive support from unsuspecting civilians of Zimbabwe, whose beloved nation has been reduced to nothing less than a begging basket. If precision be put in the picture Zimbabwe cannot even afford to beg no more. The state is hardly a motherland at all. Amongst those with the spirit of wisdom and discernment, it is now a universal indulgent that the beloved motherland has been transformed into Mugabe Holdings trading under the name and style of Zanu Pf proprietary limited – FREE ZIMBABWE MUGABE MUST GO!

The Chimurenga combat was fought and it is beyond reasonable doubt that the mainstream citizens fought and defeated the enemy.  It is sad that Zanu Pf under Robert Mugabe happened to be assassinating possible rivals when the minority gave up. Everyone contributed and fought; they all risked their lives in an attempt to unfetter the nation from the hands of the oppressors, including the current and forever-old crop of Zanu Pf.

The citizens of Zimbabwe have paid whatever was due, owing and payable to the liberators. Gratitude and recognition which ought to be given has been given, but Zanu Pf instead is demanding everlasting supremacy and the right to kill and steal with impunity. That way ruination lies – WHERE ARE THE DIAMONDS???

It is common cause that Zanu Pf had hard-hitting leaders who were hungry for power and ruthless in its execution; rival leaders within or outside the ruling party were executed. A few comrades who were potential leaders of Zimbabwe like Hubert Chitepo and Josiah Tongogara were executed to fulfill the aspirations of their rivals and our current demagogue- Robert Mugabe. For honesty's cause let us not call them leaders as that aptitude has expired donkey years ago.
The deaths of multiple political greats are still under investigation to be investigated and the outcome of the inquiry will be made public shortly before the second coming of the Son of Man! Thanks to these misdeeds as Robert Mugabe was able to take charge alone.

Though the last slaughter had to wait a few years and to all, the Matabeleland genocide confirmed that the country had fallen not in the hands of an enlightened patriot but cruel nationalist. The demise of the people in Matebeleland was the most callous, premeditated murder of the Ku-Klux-Klan type.

The perpetrators shall not find favour and rest in the eyes of the Lord. Alas Mugabe in cohorts with his Zanu Pf took ownership and possession of Zimbabwe and believed in themselves and not a set of principles, they sought power not upliftment. Accordingly and inevitably they destroyed the country they were supposed to love in order to save themselves. Such is the fate of the selfish and vain. At all costs, the people of Zimbabwe should have one voice and declarations and decrees to free Zimbabwe once and for all – FREE ZIMBABWE, MUGABE MUST GO!

Certainly the sacrifices made during the Chimurenga are appreciated by all concerned, but it never was only a Zanu Pf fight anymore than freedom was won solely by the ANC in South Africa. But history is everywhere written by the victors and the powerful. Robert Mugabe take no offence, history is important yes, but at one point we ought to archive. The time is ripe for Zimbabwe to archive Robert Mugabe. Yesterday shaped who we are today. It is also a factor that will determine who we are to become tomorrow, but it is not a reason to bind all in sundry about the choices of tomorrow. The memories of our history will always remain entrenched in our inner souls and they importantly make useless bed time stories for kids. In an attempt to make a toddler sleep, I diverted from the comic book and opened the reality Zimbabwean book. Trust me you, I totally failed to explain how once upon a time the price of bread went up three times whilst I was still in the queue; and I couldn't explain how people used to sleep at petrol stations; oh what about using a bakkies to load money just to just buy bread! Enough is enough – FREE ZIMBABWE, MUGABE MUST GO FOR HE HAS CAUSED ENOUGH TROUBLE.

Robert Mugabe and Zanu Pf should understand that whatever they did was significant but not sole. Zimbabweans are in their debt but that does not create a right to everlasting power. After all they fought for equality and democracy for the rights of the people to choose and change their government didn't they!?

If they, our forefathers had not fought, we would have held them accountable for neglecting the call of duty. It was a responsibility, a task that they had to do without fail otherwise they would have failed the nation. The problem now is that Zanu Pf is holding the nation at ransom with an aphorism they deserve to do as they please without anyone holding them accountable. They claim this is ‘my Zimbabwe'.

That is neither the way to live in this new social, political and economic climate. Nor, as North Africa has learnt the hard way, can it last? Sooner or later the people will demand justice, and no forces of man will ever stop this.

According to physicians, it is an open secret that cataracts are as a result of old age and they affect and target Robert Mugabe's eyesight only. The worst form blindness is the lack of foresight. Pity lack of foresight is contagious and the whole of Zanu Pf went blind a long time ago. After what happened inta alia in Egypt, Tunisia and currently Burkina Faso, I never thought Zanu Pf will ignore what befell on demagogues and monarchies of those nations. This lack of foresight will oblige a complete circumcision of the brain, but how will they get under the knife since there is – NO ELECTRICITY IN ZIMBABWE!

The liberation parties, in Africa and elsewhere, suffer from the same ‘we-will-rule-till-Jesus-comes' syndrome. The most prominent in this category are Zanu Pf and the ANC of South Africa. Their justification is that they were the ones who single handedly liberated the nation. This is a blatant lie! Every Tom, Bernard, Mavis and Margaret did their part.

This is not true. The truth of the matter is that many in and out of Zimbabwe, locals, exiled patrons and foreigners contributed to the liberation struggle directly and indirectly. Sad but true, women who quenched the thirst of the soldiers and mothered off springs, the chimbwidos, all those who gave food, shoes; clothing amongst many other things to the soldiers; and the outside forces who put pressure on the minority government; all took part in the war.

Even the ones born after independence fought the Chimurenga war. Our forefathers fought for us to have a better life, their love for us to have an unprecedented freedom made them to put their lives on the line for us. The Mapfumos, Chimbetus and Chingairas rejuvenated Zimbabweans in all walks of life as they sang and mobilised the nation. Were these veterans honored? Instead they were politicized.

It is not mind bogging that only those lining themselves with Zanu Pf received recognition. Zimbabwe has many heroes, many champions; many of them modest, so Zanu Pf incorporated must stop personalizing the liberation struggle as they did not fight alone. It is not a secret that Zanu Pf clings to the past because it has contributed precious little to the present. Indeed Zanu Pf has been an utter failure and no amount of silly talk about sanctions, gays and indigenization can hide the fact.

These are just red herrings intended to conceal the extent of the misrule, the failure of Zanu Pf and Mugabe to mature from rebel to leader. The policies of Robert Mugabe and his Zanu Pf are there just to benefit the minority in power. With Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe is dead as a door nail with no hope at all.

The new political, social and economic landscape has left Zanu Pf
handicapped as its aim was to liberate the nation from the hands of the oppressors. Unfortunately for the citizens, they did not overcome the oppressor within themselves. Mugabe and his Zanu Pf were found wanting soon after the independence. Day in day out Robert Mugabe labyrinthine Zimbabwe into inferior multifaceted problems socially, politically and economically; for his benefit of course – with Morgan Tsvangirai we are free from manipulation and abuse. Join the winning team, Team Morgan Tsvangirai for – EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL.

The exponents who marshaled ZUM (Zimbabwe Unity Movement) had a foresight into the future of Zimbabwe. Edgar ‘2 Boy' Tekere's popularity and potential rival to Mugabe caused their estrangement. The paramount and pinnacle of the fallout was due to the fact that Tekere was a man on integrity and Mugabe is no fan of such. Unfortunately Zimbabwe was still basking in glory and they were still in the audible range of the echoes from the Rastaman's lyrics from the independence ceremony. They did not listen and cannot be blamed for that. The outlook was too rosy. Were Zimbabweans not free at last? Unfortunately as it turned out their freedom was an optical emotional illusion.

Whilst Robert Mugabe is firing women in government left right and centre, the MDC-T is busy fulfilling the Affirmative Action by having more female employees in the top management. In Zanu Pf there are a few females namely Grace Marufu, Grace Mugabe, Dr. G Mugabe, Dr Grace Mugabe, and many more graces. Dr Grace Mugabe is tipped for a bigger role in Zanu Pf. She indeed is and has been a game changer in the Zimbabwean and mostly in the Zanu Pf courtyard. She is intelligent to the level that she concluded a doctorate without a formal baccalarium artium qualification.

Those in Dr. Grace Mugabe's spitting range have uttered in anonymity that the focal point of her dissertation was a discovery and a unanimous conclude that girls are at risk of getting pregnant than boys. The marker, supervisor and moderator of the less-than-two-months-doctorate was non other than the Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe and he signed at the bottom: R. G Mugabe.

Indeed the Mugabes are treating Zimbabwe like a spaza shop. Morgan Tsvangirai is the change that Zimbabwe wants. In Morgan Tsvangirai the people's lives are better off. The GNU brought a glimpse that the MDC-T is a force to reckon especially the finance department as it brought stability into the nation. With Morgan Tsvangirai Zimbabwe will be lifted into a cat bird seat position. Morgan Tsvangirai doesn't chew the fat, unlike Robert Mugabe who has been doing such since 1980. The truism of facts is found in the dire passage the nation is at. We have reached the Red sea and Moses Tsvangirai is the only one who has the licence to cross – Tsvangirai knows it all, and YES WE CAN!  

The masses are tired of the same old war cries from Zanu Pf and they will revolt sooner than later. As treasonous as I may sound, Zimbabwean's patience has been stretched far too much. The question is for how long will Zanu Pf's oppression last for?

Tears roll down when I think of the glory golden days. Tsvangirai come and wipe away our tears and take us to the Promised Land, the land of milk and honey. By fire, by force, by the ink or the barrel it all doesn't matter.

Free Zimbabwe, Mugabe must go!
Equal opportunities for all!

In Morgan Tsvangirai we trust, in Morgan Tsvangirai we have – EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL!

Tapiwa Diamond Chadya, is a political analyst and also the director of Information and Publicity in the South African Youth Assembly of the Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement for Democratic Change. Chadya who describes himself as a devout Christian, read law the University of KwaZulu Natal and lives is in the Natal Midlands. He can be contacted on 27 (0)84 566 2756 or email him at

Source - Tapiwa Diamond Chadya
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