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Biti's obsession with Tsvangirai reaches a new nauseating crescendo

05 Jan 2015 at 15:56hrs | Views
The festive period presents a tough and untenable working environment for our fellow cousins in the fourth state.

It is a moment when good and well to do scribes will be on vacation leaving amateurs and other upstarts to man the sacred media houses thereby exposing the generality of the news hungry citizenry to a litany of fables peddled by the "lighties" to the detriment of the reputations of notable stables.

Online news sites and other social media platforms had been awash with the so called "defections" of "bonafide" MDC T leaders in South Africa to the nameless Biti political outfit – a day in fantasyland!

"The latest to join the RENEWAL TEAM in South Africa are MFUNDO SIBANDA GABHENI (former Provincial Youth Secretary for Elections),Maswazi Banda (Johannesburg District Assembly) and Ethel Ndlovu(Johannesburg District SG for Youth) among others who have cited lack of change in MDC-T,from result to response, unconstitutionalism as characterised by the recent shambolic Congress characterised by vote-buying and dictatorial tendencies as well as tribal rifts!" - sic

For the record, none of the above mentioned persons were ever members of the MDC T in South Africa.

Neither did they ever hold the positions they claim to them ever holding nor being holders of any other office though in any eventuality they could have been passive followers of the movement in direct subscription to the BIG TENT agenda.

In the MDC T, we address all people as "leader" as a sign of EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL and our non - discriminatory democratic practice. For future reference, we urge the masses and upcoming political toddlers to verify the credentials before running and screaming at the top of their voices that they have fished from the deepest pool of the BIG TENT – in case it's just frogs and crabs.

We therefore unequivocally refute that the three were office bearers or "influential leaders" for the reasons below:

1.    Neither of the three has ever voted for the MDC T nor vote in any election in Zimbabwe as they all left the country as minors according to their families when we enquired with no record of them ever seeing Limpopo River for the past eight years at least.

2.    All MDC T office bearers in South Africa have party identity cards obtainable and signed by the Provincial Organising secretary – Cde Trust Ndlovu – they can't produce any even from hell.

3.    All MDC T office bearers have appointment letters signed by the office of the provincial secretariat headed by Cde Rainos Tivatye – a luxury they are not even aware of.

4.    All MDC T members in South Africa have membership cards which attract a monthly subscription and endorsed by the provincial treasury – a commitment  general supporters cannot sustain.

5.    The former Johannesburg Youth Secretary Cde Jillian Dube has been deployed to the Youth National executive and there is no record of any District Council to replace her hence there is no place for Ethel Ndlovu anywhere close to the claimed position. Youth Chairman Emmanuel Banda has no knowledge of her ever belonging to his executive team.

6.    On Maswazi Banda, it is clearly a case of mistaken identity and association. Such is a clear case of our erstwhile former comrades labeling any Zimbabwean an MDC T members since the Women's Assembly of Johannesburg District as led by Chairlady Rita Chavalala is yet to hear or see her in person. However this has raised a keen interest in meeting her one day to understand her and possibly show her the right political movement.

7.    The case of Mfundo Sibanda cannot be repeated. He was simply rejected by the electorate at our last electoral congress and this second defection of his in under a mother places him in good stead to claim a place in the Guinness book of records.

The Shelton Chiyangwa led Youth Assembly is yet to hold a provincial council to elect the Provincial Secretary for Elections!

It is with regret that the rebels are busy creating an illusion whose sole purpose is to dupe donors to quench their insatiable quest for money.

In any event how can anyone defect from a political party to nowhere?

The plan is well calculated as a ploy to distract the democratization of Zimbabwe which is at its dawn especially with the auto-crumble of Zanu PF.

The stage managed defections should be condemned and dismissed by all right thinking democrats. The continued use of jobless youths and other vulnerable people to fulfil the democratic derailment agenda is agonistic to the very founding values of a democracy and the quest to develop a culture that offers EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL.

Claims of tribalism is a tired, obsolete and archaic reasoning line being used by one junkie, tired of watching pornographic material seated in an internet café venting the joblessness frustration upon Zimbabwe's biggest political brand both by number and emotional attachment.

It is no surprise that this entire media blitz is being directed towards the party of excellence in their denial that the movement has grown stronger and the National elective Congress did not prove the disharmony and destabilization they anticipated.

As such we regard the purported "defections" as a non-event and not worthy reporting of in any respectable publication. However we understand the good readership that comes with the mention of Zimbabwe's modern day POLITICAL MAIN ACTOR – DR. MORGAN TSVANGIRAI. We express our sympathy to Tendai Biti for his failed bid hoodwink donors using fake defections to attract attention.

Dr. Wangu Mazodze is MDC T South Africa Province Spokesperson
Cell - 00027785900238
Source - Dr. Wangu Mazodze
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