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Vapostori and satanism, by Prophet Magaya

08 Feb 2015 at 09:42hrs | Views
This is the third and final part of the sermon delivered recently by Prophet Walter Magaya, on marine spirits:

The same applies to the one who was a witch doctor or traditional healer, the spirit behind is transformed into the marine kingdom and the person turns into a "prophet". A further and closer look at the characteristics of the "prophets" will show you that they lack love yet love is a fundamental element to any beneficiary of the nine main gifts of the Holy Spirit [1 Cor 13 v 1-13].

They are full of deception and double standards — they expose the congregants' immorality and fornication including fondling among the youth (hupombwe kuvakuru neravanoti gwiti kune vechidiki) yet the same "prophets" are committing adultery with the same women among the congregates.

What kind of God's power can continue to flow and do miracles when the "prophet" is fornicating, let alone with married women within the same gathering? Some of the women whose husbands are infertile end up sleeping with these "prophets" in the name of "healing and deliverance" out of desperation to conceive — ''zvanzi mai ndinokuuchikai mukaita mwana, saka munozouya kumba ndokushandirai.'' What kind of healing and deliverance happens in private and behind closed doors?

There are many women out there who have children that are fathered by these "prophets" — how do you feel when your husband takes care of that child believing to be his?

Even the single woman in search of marriage is not spared either, you are deceived into sleeping with the "prophet" all in the name of "deliverance" from anti-marriage spirit. "You need to sleep with me three times to cast away that spirit stopping you from getting married."

The devil is a liar! These are all acts of the elusive devil happening under the sun as influenced by the marine spirits. You find one "prophet" fighting another "prophet" particularly when they gather as "prophets", blocking or suppressing each other's "prophetic" powers and at the same time having pride which is influenced by leviathan spirit. Each one wants to be recognised as the one with "strongest prophetic" powers to the extent of going to the underworld (pasi pemvura) to acquire more evil powers (vanoromba kuti vawedzere masimba) and even bewitch one another.

Much of the prophecies cause hatred between the follower and his or her relatives due to witch-hunting and finger pointing — "your barrenness was caused by your aunt and your poverty is because of your uncle" and so on. You are now isolated, all your relatives and neighbours are now your enemies because they are "bewitching" you but in actual fact these are acts of the devil to kill, steal and destroy [John 10 v 10]. Even marriages are broken, the man is told that his wife is causing him to be poor, yet the issue is behind the wife's spiritual husband but because the "prophet" is of the dark kingdom there is no way he can expose another evil spirit, hence they put blame on the wife thereby leaving many marriages destroyed.

The woman is also told her husband is in a polygamous set-up (barika) yet it is the spiritual wife the "prophet" is failing to locate. Still on the "prophetic" side let me reiterate that demons or evil spirits can also prophesy.

I have mentioned this because many readers are already saying, if the "prophets" are fake how come they prophesy? Do not forget that all these spirits are from the satanic world led by Satan himself who was one of the three arch-angels of God and when he was thrown down here on earth with his team of angels [Rev.12:9] he maintained those powers — no wonder they are called fallen angels.

Once more, to be prophesied to, is not the issue but what counts at the end of the day is the solution. What does it pay if I go forensic in prophecy by mentioning your I.D number, the shirt you were putting on last Christmas or even the direction where your granary is facing at your rural home but leave you with no solution to your problem ?(Zvanzi muporofita iyeye anonhonga tsono mumvura patsanangudzo — zvikazobatsirei iwe uchisara une dambudziko?).

You are merely being pre-occupied with these prophecies without solution while time is running out. That explains these are acts of darkness because darkness cannot push out another form of darkness. Let there be light!

To further illustrate the dark side of these marine spirits in these non-Bible believing churches is their strong belief in totems and ancestral spirits. They believe that one cannot be separated from his or her ancestral spirits and you are linked to them through your totem such that when a member passes on their prayers are focused on reuniting his spirit with his ancestral spirits.

Yes, they preach against the dead and not worshiping them but still connect you to your ancestral spirits through your name and totem. Interesting to note is when they conduct the memorial service (nyaradzo) of the deceased, they "follow-up" on the tracks of their deceased on whether he or she has made it to heaven — (vanoronda rwendo rwemufi kuti aenda kunaMwari here kana kunasatan).

As congregants will be singing all night the "prophets" will be busy tracking (vachironda rwenda) then sometime around the early hours after midnight the "prophets" will gather the closest members of the deceased and "prophesy" on the spiritual journey of the departed. In all cases I have heard, there is no-one who has been confirmed to have made it to heaven - "He was battling to cross the river but could not make it (anga achirwisa kuti ayambuke rwizi asi zvaramba). We saw her turning back (tamuana acheuka)."

Children of God, is the above surprising when people are gathered to worship the marine spirits? Is the above surprising too when you are strongly linked to your ancestral spirits through totems?

Remember as mentioned above, the leviathan spirit causes one to be stiff-necked and fight against true Christian values because its main function is to block deliverance no wonder such churches discourage others from attending Bible-believing churches while claiming to be the best churches one could be worshipping in thereby misleading many into believing theirs to be more true. These are anti-Christ churches. It is not surprising that a person with the marine spirit of the leviathan type is not easy to get delivered because of the structure of the leviathan sea serpent.

It is also very difficult for a ministry which carries out powerful deliverance and healing to be accepted by society because it does a lot of harm to the dark kingdom.

Also interesting to note is that all marine spirits give a temporary solution to make you believe that it works yet it is a way to lure you into the kingdom and spiritually drain you dry of all your life and wealth such that by the time you realise you are going in circles time is gone - while unknown to you, you are seriously deep-rooted into the dark marine kingdom.

The followers and patients do not even realise that things are not working at all despite the time they have spent visiting the shrines (masowe). Those who are sick receive a temporary recovery then suddenly along the way the condition deteriorates. Those seeking wealth will rise for a short while then unknown to them they gradually start going down the passage of poverty and end up worse than before. As for the barren and those seeking fruit of the womb many go through the same evil ways mentioned above whereby some are sexually abused in the name of "deliverance".

There are some who are "blessed" with fruit of the womb (kuuchikwa) but in many cases these children come from the marine kingdom.

Already some readers are saying they do not visit these marine churches and they are safe but let me remind you that you could be fooling yourself, here is how:

There are two classes of marine spirits, namely the conscious mariners and the unconscious mariners. The conscious marine agents are those that know they are possessed, while the unconscious mariners don't know that they are possessed.

Marine spirits possess females more than males. A majority of women with the marine spirit are light-skinned if they are from the African continent but I am not saying that all light-skinned women have marine spirits. They do so to oppress men and scatter homes, since the man is the head of the home. Their primary tool is sex. They are extremely fashion-crazy, they dress to attract attention, their seductive body movements especially when walking, gestures, slippery speech and above all, their eyes, again their eyes. This marine spirit pushes single ladies to date married men without any remorse. They take delight in breaking the hearts of their victims so as to render them emotionally unstable.

They neutralise the will-power of their victims through sex. They are very unstable in relationships which normally do not last long. They pretend a lot and change their voice to fit the mood they are in. Lesbianism, homosexuality, promiscuity and indecency are also marine initiations. Mariners or marine spirits have an urge for parties. This spirit pushes young, talented, beautiful girls into obscene actions. They have no shame in actions of public indecency.

Falling in love with a lady possessed with this spirit is the worst thing that can happen to a man, because he cannot end the relationship until the woman has wiped out his wealth. Stop fornicating, that woman could be a mariner and your wealth is on its way down the drain to the marine warehouse. Men who fall victim to these women with marine spirits usually lose their wealth in a very short space of time and under unclear circumstances because that is one of the major motives of the mariners, to inflict poverty and misery apart from breaking marriages. In other words such men's lives would take a steady downward spiral - their marriages would crumble, finances dwindle and careers meet stagnation.

When you see a person who at one point was immensely wealthy then all of a sudden it seems everything disappeared be assured it is these water powers that are at work.

Those who feel could be under the control of the marine spirits - lost their health, wealth, marriages, fruit of the womb or children can be delivered by getting close to the things of God and His word, commanding the spirit OUT and through deliverance by a man of God in Jesus' name.

With God all things are possible. The person must go to a Bible practicing church for the power of the queen of the coast to be broken. Take all items you were given at the shrines to a Bible-believing church where deliverance is carried out and submit them for your total deliverance.

Many former mariners and victims of the marine kingdom who surrendered their tools or "mantles" (miteuro) have been delivered and received their testimonies of weddings, fruit of the womb and prosperity restoration.


What have you learnt from this subject of marine spirits?

Is it marriage, wealth, health or children that you lost to the marine kingdom churches?

Do you now understand what the marine kingdom is?

Do you now understand why some churches are classified as marine churches?

If you used to visit such churches do you think you can still go back to them?

Are you ready to stop fornicating to serve yourself from the marine spirits?

Do you have items or "mantles" (miteuro) which you are ready to surrender to get deliverance?

Glory be to God. Mbiri kuna Jesu.

Let there be light - the light that pushes away darkness.

Source - sundaymail
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