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Biti's political career dead and buried

24 Mar 2015 at 16:26hrs | Views
The then great Tendai Biti walks away from the podium after the #CrossOverRally where he crossed over to Zanu Pf ideologies.

The former Member of Parliament for Harare East, the former Parliamentary Committee member, the former Secretary General of the MDC, the former Secretary General of the MDC-T, and the former Minister of Finance, Mr. Tendai Biti's political career is dead and buried. Of course so is that of his 16 other fellow legislature members and two senators. This was very predictable and Mr. Biti should never be surprised at all! Reality struck when it as announced that they were expelled from the parliament. Rather you than me Mr. Biti.

It is now game set. It is all over for the former Tendai Laxton Biti. Tendai Biti and Others who been have been behaving like confused pregnant roaches in a tin of gamatox have now been legally dealt with through and by the operation of the law.
Having a good education does not necessarily mean that you will be able to apply it practically in the day to day life. Robert Mugabe is the most intelligent president, but his nation is reeling with poverty, inflation and economic uncertainty and turmoil. Robert Mugabe has failed Zimbabwean in all walks of life. From Zambezi River to Limpopo River, the nation remains a shell of what it was. Whatever the imperialists or colonialists built has never been maintained or upgraded. The only culture that has been upgraded by the Zanu Pf government is the oppression of the opposition party members.

Not to be spared from this scandalous open-mouth-shut-mind tendency is South Africa who had Thabo Mbeki as a president who despite the education that he had received overseas whilst everyone back home was suffering under Apartheid decided to denounce a link between HIV and AIDS. Within Thabo Mbeki's era we also had Manto Msimang-Tshabalala as the minister of health who preferred beetroot over the power of ARVs. In using the shower as a preventative method for not contracting HIV, the current President, the mighty Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is absolved from the instance for his level of education is lower than the former two.

Anyways let me deal with Mr. Biti and Others once and for all.

The Members of parliament were re-called because they were not representing any political party in the legislature. Formerly Mr. Biti and company were under the flagship of MDC-T led by Morgan Tsvangirai, but the Mandel sitting weaned them from the movement led by Morgan Tsvangirai. The voters who voted for Mr. Biti and company are MDC-T die-hards who are completely sold out to Morgan Tsvangirai's ideologies, and it was highly unfair of Mr. Biti and Others to cross the floor into the unknown without first consulting their respective voting pool. They ceased to represent the masses the day they deviated and had the Mandel illegal sitting.

Mr. Biti you had it coming. As you purport to be a legal practitioner, on whose mandate were you in parliament from the day you had the Mandel sitting? By whose authority were you in parliament? On whose party-ticket were you in parliament? The MDC-T isn't it so? Let me say it to you in the layman's language, the one you will understand better: the day you decided to jump into bed with Zanu Pf without enough political condoms you contracted a deadly disease whose end result is a political death. I put it to you Mr. Biti that you and Others worked with Zanu Pf during the July 31 Elections and you negotiated your parliamentary seats back. You heavily benefited from denouncing Morgan Tsvangirai and since you have used by Zanu Pf, now that it has flushed you down, you are supposed to end up into the Mukuvisi River, but most likely you will end up escaping through the blocked sewerage pipe into someone's backyard.

The day Zanu Pf recalled its members of parliament; you should have seen it coming. When you saw a monster eat its own, you should have seen it coming. 
Wasn't this foreseeable?
Since Mr. Biti holds himself as a legal practitioner, in the case of Mr. Biti and Others, the test to be used is that of a reasonable man's test. A reasonable man in Mr. Biti and Others' circumstances would have foreseen the possibility of them being evicted from parliament beyond reasonable doubt. It was beyond reasonable doubt that Mr. Biti and Others would one day be expelled from parliament.

Even on a balance of probabilities, Mr. Biti and Others knew that their future under Zanu Pf was not secure and there is no need for them to cry foul. This bunch of losers made its bed and they should lie in it. The irony of making and eating your own cake!

With all due respect (but in this case with lack of it thereof) Mr. Biti what do you understand by the term democracy? Democracy stopped being operational the day you opted to jump the MDC-T ship and form your Team Renewal.

Mr. Biti basic mathematics state that zero-plus-zero is equals to zero and why you celebrated your union with Professor Welshman Ncube leaves a lot to be desired! My not so Learned Colleague Professor Welshman Ncube who has openly showed signs and symptoms of lack of basic knowledge exited the MDC-T ship from his General Secretary position and he set a good precedent. Prof Welshman Ncube set a precedent in the form of a deterrent. Prof Ncube left with a good bunch of members of the legislature, but in the end he didn't have the political wits to contest in the presidential race!

Mr. Biti how many members of parliament did Prof Ncube retain? Wasn't that a reason enough? Wasn't that a deterrent enough to veto you from pulling the same move? The irony of this all is that in similar stupid and idiotic circumstances, Mr. Biti decided to do a coup de tat irrespective of the fact that it was a move against and across the grain. I have no kind words for such disrespect of the learned.

Mr. Biti and others please be advised that there is no death of democracy in your expulsion. Democracy ceased to exist when you persuaded after your own personal agenda and disbanded the people who voted you in. justice has been served, democracy has been served and the voters' mandate will be restored.

Team Renewal operated in the same manner and style as Zanu Pf and it played no part in the solutions, but was solely for the purposes of adding unto the problems of the already problem strewn Zimbabwe.

Mr. Biti the best thing that you should have done in the circumstances, the day you decided to leave Harvest House was to resign from MDC-T and let the correct procedures follow by an automatic operation of law to take its course.

The current circumstances favour you and Others in that you will fully concentrate on your project renewal. Mr. Biti and Others kindly please be advised that you were voted into the parliament under the name and style of MDC-T and currently you cease to uphold such mandate for you have taken another course away from the MDC-T. Why would you want to remain in parliament under the MDC-T flagship? It doesn't make sense.

Mr. Biti and Others kindly please be advised that #TheBigTent theorem is a living MDC-T policy and it is still operational and applicable; even in your case. The #BigTent theorem does not need to be abused and twisted into what it is not. Mr. Biti you have been working with Zanu Pf and you have never asked to re-join the movement that you help started. From wherever I stand #TheBigTent was meant to address members who had left under the Team Renewal guise, and were willing to come back to MDC-T. The members legislature who were under the leadership of Mr. Biti never raised a finger to support MDC-T, hence it was the same as having the seats with Zanu Pf.

Mr. Biti and Others kindly further please be advised that you deviated from the MDC-T mandate hence you no longer held the mandate of neither the MDC-T nor the voters'. Your insubordination, your gross insubordination and dereliction of duty led to your expulsion from the parliament as you had voluntarily left MDC-T and joined a nameless and partyless movement. As a legal and constitutional practitioner, Mr. Biti should be advised better. In this instance I wonder who the counsel is: I bet it is Prof Welshman Ncube! Oh, what a waste!

Instead of Mr. Biti making unnecessary noise, he should infect get football lessons from Honorable Arnold ‘AT' Tsunga who plied his trade for Tanganda! I feel sorry for AT, but I feel relieved for Solomon and Paul Madzore. Solomon Madzore was very pompous and he let power get to his head. Being humbled in this way will not be easy for most of these very ambitious young fellows. This is the end of their political and social careers.

They should have known better!

To Mr. Biti and company I advice you all to go back to your roots. Zanu Pf is done with you all. Whatever you benefited from Zanu Pf doesn't matter, it is time to come back home.

Be humble enough and come home. The prodigal son parable should be your reference point. Remember #TheBigTent is still applicable in your case. Kindly please consult because terms and conditions apply!

To Mr. Biti and company, I wish you well in your future endeavors.

Morgan Tsvangirai is the way. Without Morgan Tsvangirai you are nothing.

In the MDC-T there Equal Opportunities for all!

Moruti Chadya Tapiwa Diamond is a Legal Practitioner, a Lecturer, a Researcher, a political analyst-cum-activist and is also the director of Information and Publicity in the South African Youth Assembly of the Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement for Democratic Change. Diamond is a man after God's heart like King David and serves in the House of the Lord at Maritzburg Christian Church (MCC). He read law the University of KwaZulu Natal and is Researching towards an LLM. He concomitantly lives in the Natal Midlands and Johannesburg. He can be contacted on 27 (0)84 566 2756 or email him at

Source - Ntate Moruti Tapiwa Diamond Chadya
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