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British credulity about source of Zimbabwean amorphous politics

01 Apr 2015 at 10:34hrs | Views
The British Police in London arrested Martin Chinyanga an MDC demonstrator who stormed the Zimbabwean embassy in London demanding the release of Itai Dzamara. Arthur Molife, a Zapu official in London has reported in protest the arrest of Martin Chinyanga.

In 1983, the Zapu leader Dr Joshua Nkomo was in London running away from the violence his party suffered under people like Chinyanga, Rugare Gumbo, Joyce Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Dzamara and Tsvangirai who were led by Mugabe.

Two decades before 1983, people in the classes of Tsvangirai, Chinyanga, Mugabe, Molife and Dzamara stood under the leadership of Joshua Nkomo to fight British Colonialism which had condemned them to corrosion by 1957.

Three decades ago, around 1986, Arthur Molife ran away from Mugabe dictatorship and during that year, Chinyanga and Tsvangirai did not see why Molife described Mugabe as a bad leader. In the last decade, around 2003, Martin Chinyanga came to Britain to seek asylum running away from Robert Mugabe's cruel dictatorship. Chinyanga was running away from a Zanu cabal consisting of Mugabe, Joyce Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo.

The British like to narrate Zimbabwean political history staring from 1980 when Mugabe took over to destroy a rich country. The British do not like Zimbabwean history being told from year 1888 when British Conservative Prime minister Disraeli allowed Cecil John Rhodes to invade Zimbabwe.

The British ruled Zimbabwe for a century teaching Zimbabweans a British culture of Divide and Rule. In 1893, the Rhodes British gangsters worked hard to divide King Lobengula from his Shona subjects. The Shona felt protected by the most powerful only to discover British cunning when their leader Mbuya Nehanda was hanged by the British.

By 1910, the British had established a Government in Rhodesia. They took all the mineral wealth of Rhodesia and handed it over to London. Black Rhodesians suffered as slaves from the British york rendering them the poorest of all humanity on earth.

In 1957, Joshua Nkomo led Zimbabweans to demand democracy and Mugabe joined later in 1961. Mugabe had mastered the British science of Divide and Rule which he is using to cling to power. Mugabe applies Divide and Rule at any situation and it makes him more powerful every day.

It was Mugabe's British Mastered Divide and Rule which made Chinyanga fail to see the good side of Joshua Nkomo in 1983.

It was Mugabe's British Mastered Divide and Rule which made Mujuru cause Chinyanga and Molife to run away in year 2000.

It was Mugabe's British Mastered Divide and Rule which made Rugare Gumbo see Dumiso Dabengwa as a problem in 2008.

It was Mugabe's British Mastered Divide and Rule which made Jabulani Sibanda insult Zimbabweans in 2013.

It is Mugabe's British Mastered Divide and Rule which makes Jonathan Moyo evade the truth to defend Zanu.

It is Mugabe's British Mastered Divide and Rule which makes it impossible to unite Zimbabweans against Zanu failures.

Mugabe did not invent Divide and Rule, he learnt and copied it from British Thesis.

I applaud Arthur Molife to show Zimbabweans that we need to work together to defeat Mugabe and his Divide and Rule British Thesis.

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Source - Rakanga Danble
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