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Clueless MDC-T battles for relevance

14 May 2015 at 09:02hrs | Views

Revelations by former MDC-T advisor Alex Magaisa is just but a tip of the growing dislike of Morgan Tsvangirai by his handlers. Complacence and a spat of ill conceived decisions have unimaginably caused disharmony in the party.

However, for Tsvangirai and those who blindly follow him blame game is the only plan they mastered in as far as redirecting the public's attention from focusing at what they call movement for democratic change is concerned.

Indeed the MDC-T has become of a Movement for Democratic Confusion owing to various conflicting opinions fuelled by mistrust and un informed decisions which are empirically barren. Of late its spokesperson Obert Gutu, desperately misplaced his mistrust for ZANU PF remarking that the revolutionary party is infiltrating its structures and manipulating disgruntled members.

To be precise, Gutu cited the ongoing Khupe squabbles as the brain child of ZANU PF. This is despite the fact that the disaster in Tsvangirai's kitchen is only but the fruits of his lip sang democracy. It is no secret that the issue that has been haunting the dwindling MDC-T of late is whether to or not to participate in the forthcoming by-elections.

How ZANU PF matches in the jigsaw puzzle remains unclear. Perhaps the MDC-T is overwhelmed by the revolutionary party and has developed cold fit resultantly organisational hallucinations.

Only Alex Magaisa meaningfully demystified the problems haunting the MDC-T. The party simply does not have a clue on how to take the revolutionary party by the horns. A closer look at how the party has been politicking lately reveals much on hast time buying while contemplating on a possible game plan to adopt.

MDC-T took its battles for relevance to the private press which desperately dwelt on menial issues absurdly ballooning them in a bid to portray presumed incapacity to run state affairs. This involved sensationalism on slip of tongues by government personalities and the unthinkable attacks on Presidential trips which saw and continues to see new avenues for funds to find their way into the country.

This yielded virtually no tangible fruits except growing mistrust of the opposition as evidenced by the findings of the Afrobarometer. It is always noble to remind the brethren on the other side that the electorate in Zimbabwe is no simple lot but very literate to read between the lines.

Given a see for all MDC-T foundations which is deeply rooted in sabotage, mass actions, boycotts let alone very anti people; it is no surprise the party is suicidal and iconic devil's advocate.
Since its inception it has been improvising antagonistic machinations which Magaisa rightfully pointed have no backup of remedial plans or options.

MDC –T honestly means no serious business other than that of individuals lining their personal pockets at the expense of people's livelihood. Indeed if they boycott the by-elections, ZANU PF because it means business will not hesitate to take over and serve the communities.

In such a scenario the question rolls back into Tsvangirai and his cronies' court, so what?

Obvious the plan is the international community will be watching. Let me hasten to say, when Tsvangirai pulled out of the senatorial election Welshman Ncube left and nothing eventful from the MDC-T followed except a successful establishment of Senate by ZANU PF.

It is against such a background that the legitimacy of opposition in the name of MDC-T is questionable.

Source - Caitlin Kamba
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