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The tweet that sparked the twar was aimed at Mugabe

21 Jun 2015 at 09:53hrs | Views
The Zhuwao Brief will this week interrogate President Mugabe's empowering leadership in Africa and how house niggers and Uncle Toms are used to demonise African leaders who do not bow to the neo-liberal agendas of Western imperialist and white monopoly capital.

It appears that the twar was sparked by Tito Mboweni's rant that he hated dictators. In the same tweet, Tito said "We need democracy in Africa. Get these old people out of office. Time for the under 50s now!!"

Tito's pedestrian thinking makes me so sad that we have black brothers that are so lost. Shame.

That tweet was bigoted and unconstitutionally discriminated against people over 50. The whole tweet can be interpreted to be hate speech against people over 50. I am almost certain that the South African constitution does not allow for discrimination of any sort, including discrimination on the basis of age, let alone hate speech that is inspired by discrimination.

Paradoxically, Tito congratulated former President Thabo Mbeki for turning 73 a few days later. President Zuma is also over 50.

The discriminatory hate speech against people over fifty that Tito was spewing out on Twitter leaves me wondering if this fellow is in full control of his faculties.

The man is 56 yet he wants people over 50 to get out of office. Has he resigned the offices that he is in at AngloGold Ashanti and Goldman Sachs? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

As if that mental commotion is not enough, it is reported that, last year, Tito was openly campaigning to be made South Africa's finance minister despite being over 50 at the time.

What inconsistency.

To make matters worse, it is also alleged that Tito only wanted to be in the South Africa parliament on condition that he was made a minister.

Doesn't that suggest a mind-set of a self-serving person who does not have the service of the people at heart?

Unfortunately for Tito and fortunately for South Africa, media reports indicate that key progressive forces within the South African ruling party, the African National Congress, opposed his appointment to government because of his neo-liberal ideology.

Were his colleagues in the ANC informed by his service to the interests of Western imperialist and white monopoly capital at AngloGold Ashanti and Goldman Sachs?

Did they question his commitment to the empowerment and transformational agenda that is imperative to free the black man from the poverty induced by foreign ownership of Africa's resources?

The Zhuwao Brief speculates that the tweet that sparked the twar between Prof Moyo and Tito Mboweni was aimed at President Mugabe.

I further speculate that the attack on President Mugabe has been pushed by several recent events that indicate the Zimbabwean leader is succeeding in exporting the empowerment revolution to Africa.

The first event relates to interactions that President Mugabe had during his State visit to South Africa this year.

The most telling of those events was the Press conference he held in Tshwane.

One White South Africa journalist remarked that watching President Mugabe was similar to going to see a rock star you don't like — but realising while there how good he is.

Such a statement would be worrying to Western imperialist and white monopoly capital because it illustrates the power of President Mugabe's message and its delivery.

Secondly, President Mugabe responded to the recent Afrophobic violence in South Africa by correctly attributing it to the root cause of the exploitation and deprivation of the black majority of that country.

As the head of the African Union and Sadc, President Mugabe debunked the myth of an economically developed South Africa by highlighting the poverty that afflicts the black majority whilst Western imperialist and white monopoly capital plunder and loot that country's resources with the assistance of house niggers and Uncle Toms.

Thirdly, whilst President Mugabe was in Gaborone touring the Sadc headquarters, he indicated that South Africa needed "another liberation" to empower the black majority.

This message got widespread and unquestioned acceptance since President Mugabe had skilfully established the foundations for that powerful message.

He had charmed South Africa and its media and established his credibility in the process. He had correctly diagnosed the root cause of Afrophobia and South Africa's civil unrest as capitalist-induced racialised poverty.

He then prescribed the solution to the South Africa problem as the need for "another liberation".

The fourth event that prompted white monopoly capital to unleash their house niggers and Uncle Toms on President Mugabe was the decidedly African decisions of the South African government and the ANC to show solidarity to Africa instead of kow-towing to Western interests through the unhindered reception of President Al-Bashir in South Africa.

This demonstrated that South Africa's ruling black authorities were alive to their African identity.

Consequently, Robert Mugabe needed to be stopped.

The Tito Mboweni tweet is only one of such efforts to stop the new wind of African economic liberation President Mugabe is steering in his dual capacity as SADC and AU Chair.

There have been several such efforts on social media and then highlighted in so-called mainstream media.

The Sahara TV "news clip" was one such effort.

That pedestrian effort sought to ignore that President Mugabe had been elected by more than 62 percent of Zimbabweans less than two years ago.

Demonic forces opposed to democracy gleefully celebrated what they considered an embarrassment to President Mugabe, but which in fact exposed the dearth and famine of their intellectual capacity.

The Sahara TV effort also sought to change the narrative to President Mugabe's age as the so-called journalist marvelled at her "discovery" that a 91-year-old man was old.

Oh my God!

Is there no limit to stupidity?

If I was a journalist, I would be ashamed of having my profession associated with such stupendous idiocy.

Western imperialist and white monopoly capital is now at a loss as to how it can contain President Mugabe's leadership of Zimbabwe, SADC and Africa.

President Mugabe has astounding analytical capabilities that enable him to correctly discern the problem of the black African's development.

He is able to offer prescriptions to halt exploitation of the African continent by Western imperialist and white monopoly capital. The only response that Western imperialist and white monopoly capital has to the winds of economic transformation is to talk about his age.

Tito Mboweni is employed by AngloGold Ashanti and Goldman Sachs.

Do these organisations work for the betterment and empowerment of the black Africa? Are their priorities not focused on Western imperialist and white monopoly capitalist interests?

By extension, whose interests does Tito represent? Were his progressive ANC colleagues not correct to oppose his inclusion in government?

The Zhuwao Brief pities Western imperialist and white monopoly capital that is faced with the unstoppable train of economic independence in Africa. More so, because white monopoly capital has chosen to engage the services of house niggers and Uncle Toms who have a penchant for saying "Yes baas".

They will never deliver. All they can do is hurl insults.

Western imperialist and white monopoly capital are doomed in Africa in the same way that the dominance of white commercial farming was annihilated in Zimbabwe. Pasi nezvimbwa sungata.


Patrick Zhuwao is chair of the Zhuwao Institute, an economics, development and research think tank focused on integrating socio-political dimensions into business and economic decision-making, particularly strategic planning. He can be reached at

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