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Political vendors: Zimbabwe will learn more

15 Jul 2015 at 10:44hrs | Views
So dramatically and drastically has the issue of Itai Dzamara been hijacked by political demagogues thriving on vending their "have been" and spend force characters.

The same rot that has characterized Mupedzanhamo flea market where vendors are storing their wares in Mbare Cemetery has ironically translated to politics, with Temba Mliswa and Jabulani Sibanda literary flea marketing themselves at the so called Dzamara prayer rally.

Before delving into this issue, it is noble to put emotions asunder and let common sense sharpen each other by considering both sides of the same coin. If we determine to think well as a nation, we are thus destined to co-exist better after all.

However, the manner in which the Dzamara abduction, real or perceived, has been hijacked by a plethora of opposition political parties leaves one's mind second guessing on the fishy possibilities that surround the issue. Given the carefree attitude and of course determination (sometimes misguided) of the opposition, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in particular, which called for the economic sanctions, one cannot simply exonerate them from the Dzamara's disappearance. They thrive on controversy, to the extent of creating one where none exists.

Everything being said in earnest, the MDC has been holding the nation in ransom while pushing for regime change. A lot of atrocities, political, economical and social were committed by regime change proponents in a bid to force the Zanu PF out of power.

The alleged abduction could thus be one of the stage-managed dramas, which is being used to resurrect these non-descript political cadavers, like was witnessed over the weekend, from their graveyards. It is no secret that they will stop at nothing to grab opportunities that can catapult them back into the political limelight.

Secondly having been dubbed a prayer meeting, no man of cloth is on record as having said soothing words befitting the gathering, if indeed it was a prayer meeting. Rather blasphemous political statements were unashamedly uttered by those gasping for relevance. Some of the utterances were careless to the extent of unmasking the role of civil societies in the political matrices of Zimbabwe.

The only good that one can decipher from the meeting is the accomplished re-opening of wounds to the Dzamara family. The developments are also a barometer with which one can measure the extent of rot that has eaten away meaningful political opposition in Zimbabwe.

It is unfortunate; the young man (Dzamara) is being used as a pawn on by the opposition politicians. Hopefully he did not position himself on the board after all. Pardon my approach if it sounds cynical, but someone had to mention it.

Indeed 2015 "igore rezvidzo", as the social media cliché currently holds. The Dzamara issue comes as a practical lesson to the effect that politics is a dirty game. The unthinkable manipulation of the matter says it all.

Nevertheless, the ultimate question of the developments is, what do these political failures have to offer this time around? Their political track record speaks volumes of their indecorous political careers, characterized by mass political miscalculations and shortfalls on the most basic qualities a leader is presumed to possess.

Source - Caitlin Kamba
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