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Welshman Ncube is an alternative to Mugabe

27 Jul 2015 at 13:32hrs | Views
The future of Zimbabwe does not lie in the hands of Robert Mugabe, Zanu-PF, MDC-T or Morgan Tsvangirai.

It is now crystal clear that Morgan Tsvangirai has lost the steam to win any future elections in Zimbabwe today or tomorrow.

Our future lies in the hands of current democratic MDC President Professor Welshman Ncube who has brought a new dimension to Zimbabwean politics in the form of organised inclusive political leadership where team work takes centre stage.

Zimbabwe needs a non tribal and non violent political leadership that pushes for practical action ahead of theory.

Professor Ncube is a great schemer and highly tolerant political leader who is far ahead of Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe in terms of capacity.

The people who staged resignations recently wanted to embarrass him but because of the numbers in the camp their departure was never felt.

The real owners of the party are still there but fortune hunters and fools are all over looking for political homes to loot from.

That was good riddance of bad rubbish.

The party is now on track and capacitated to deliver a new Zimbabwe.

Internal initiatives introduced by Professor Ncube have opened financial floodgates for the party.

Only a fool can believe that those who resigned from either the party or positions were more important than the crop of cadres currently at the helm.

They were very useless but just too lucky to be overrated because of their dressing styles and pomposity.

Thank God that they left and those who hired them will cry will see for themselves.

We hear that some of them have been lying that the MDC led by Professor Ncube collapsed a statement that can only be believed by an idiot.

I will never be taught politics by a Muzorewa Dzagutsaku  masquerading as an ex-Zanla yet he was never anywhere closer to any gun.

The quick replenishment shows that their departure was  long over due and was never harmful.

We know all those with a history of selling out and flip flopping, I mean those with a rusty past and connections.

Wherever you are please be warned that your double dealings are known and will soon be exposed.

Gugugu Magorira

Source - Gugugu Magorira
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