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Clueless lamentation of a War veteran

04 Aug 2015 at 09:35hrs | Views

Morrison Nyati, the turncoat responsible for the butchering of sons and daughters of the sol in refugee camps in Mozambique, was once viewed as part of the machinery of the liberation struggle. However, all along, he had been a wolf in sheepskin.  He was not the last one. Many would come, a situation that necessitated vigilance during and after the struggle.

There is nothing to celebrate, contrary to his name, about former War Veterans leader, Jabulani Sibanda, especially when he has become a loose cannon that is at the service of the highest bidder. His statements about precipitating insurrection border on terrorism and should be taken seriously to avert a potential political catastrophe.  He should be told in no uncertain terms that his sudden inclination to go back to the bushes and igniting a new revolution altogether against the revolutionary Zanu PF party is pathetic wishful thinking. Someone somewhere must surely rehabilitate Jabulani Sibanda before this madness grows out of hand.  

The problem however, lies with the society, given the tendency of hyperbolic cheer-leading punctuated by chants of being untouchable as a result of war veteran's credentials. The myth of a larger-than-life, rubble-rousing Sibanda is a creation of the private media, whose exaggerated prowess or villainy the real life character is having a hard time living up to.  This may explain the consequent naivety in pursuit of such a character. Whatever he is smoking or drinking is definitely not good for his mental faculties.

Jabulani Sibanda is missing a clear point that does not call for an astronaut to elaborate on. He was in ZANU PF calling the shots and he saw nothing bad of the system really, if ever there was. That is until he was chucked out, whereupon he begins to lament over perceived injustices and ills about the revolutionary party.

Everyone knows what happens when one gets used to sweet grapes and suddenly has no access to the vineyard. All of a sudden, the grapes become sour. It is against such a background that we understand the behaviour of the likes of Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo and the whole lot of discredited former ZANU PF members. These are the same people calling for a revolution.

Violence has never solved anything as it tends to exacerbate the situation since violence begets violence. Why then would Sibanda call for an uprising befuddles the mind.

Like I alluded to earlier, the trouble begins when one tries to live a movie character. Sibanda was good as a Political Commissar but an atrocious strategist because of emotions. He cannot hide his disgruntlement, hence the call for uprising with the sole aim of spiting the ZANU PF government.

Really, can the nation go up in smoke for individual ambitions? Only because Sibanda has lamented should the peace in Zimbabwe be disturbed?

Sibanda is not the right candidate to incite violence unless it is one of those scare moments. Opportunity knocks once in a lifetime and yours Cde Sibanda came and passed.

You could not make any meaningful contribution whilst in ZANU PF and now are angling for a second bite of the cherry. There is nothing wrong by re-trying in life, it only sounds foolish when you strive to ride on the blood of peace-loving Zimbabweans to fulfil your macabre plans of power.  

Certainly, the second Chimurenga gave you leverage in life after 1980; now that chance is gone you want to start another Chimurenga? Come on Cde Jabu, life does not work that way. Eat a humble pie and try something less ambitious and of course within the bounds of this world.

Zimbabweans can certainly not fight your wars, especially your kitchen and dining room coups. Its crystal clear someone is singing for their supper. The sooner you realise that it is next to impossible to resurrect a politically spent character, the earlier you will find peace with yourself.

You have been tried and tested and found wanting. Dead wood can only come back as a fossil energy. Do everybody a favour; reserve whatever little respect the nation may still have for your, look for a deep hole, crawl in and stay there. Maybe your treachery might be forgotten. 

Source - Caitlin Kamba
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