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Government on the right track with the IMF

02 Oct 2015 at 11:18hrs | Views
It would be an oversimplification for a rather complex issue to say that the Zimbabwean government is making a mistake in implementing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recommendations for reviving the economy as was allegedly the case with the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP). These deductions are coming from the prophets of doom who are against the establishment.

Former Cabinet Minister, Fay Chung, has claimed that the ZANU PF Government scored many successes during the first ten years of independence because it had adopted former Rhodesian leader Ian Smith's management style. She claimed that Government lost the plot when it adopted the IMF programmes in the early to mid-90s.

Chung's claims are not true to say that President Robert Mugabe has been a willing disciple of Smith's policies. That is a misinterpretation of reality as the President was the opposite of what Smith represented. In fact Chung and like minded people should be blamed and shoulder the blame for inviting sanctions which have caused the suffering of many people in the country.

We should actually commend the Government's efforts at finding common ground with the IMF. There is a great possibility and chances that Zimbabwe would begin to receive balance of payment very soon. As progressive Zimbabweans we should be optimistic rather than being pessimistic. Chung's statements should not be taken seriously because they are coming from a disgruntled and politician of dubious revolutionary credentials.

Chung and the like minded people is a brood of vipers that are fighting for regime change so we have to forgive them and not to take them seriously. It is a disgrace for people to come on the podium with strange and perplexing proposals that the Government should not engage the IMF in this time of need. We know that the lady is in a desperate mode to raise her political profile, so she fools no one except her handlers in Whitehall and Washington.

The former cabinet minister is either a very stupid woman or else there is a method in her madness as she attempts to spruce up her image to gain political relevance. Chung and her sympathisers on their own are insignificant coterie of individuals politically; it is who they represent that is a great threat. In fact they are the agents of white Western capital. The truth is that this woman suffers from an extreme case of premature self congratulation.

At this moment in time as progressive and patriotic Zimbabweans we have to rally behind President Robert Mugabe and support his stance and progress made with the IMF. We need to engage all avenues and ideas that are at our disposal to improve our economy. Prophets of doom should be shamed and be advised accordingly that we need our freedom and sovereignty.

Source - Stewart Murewa
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