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Donor funds cannot sacrifice our dignity

08 Oct 2015 at 10:45hrs | Views
Zimbabweans should applaud President Robert Gabriel Mugabe for coming out denouncing the same-sex marriage which some of the respected leaders around the world seem to be embracing it. God created a man and a woman so that the two would bear children, as such, that biblical inclination should not be sacrificed for personal satisfaction by the so called human rights defenders.

People should be aware that when God created a man and a woman he was quite aware that the two would be a husband and a wife. God did not either create a man to marry a man or a woman to marry a woman because such a union cannot bear fruits in the form of children. He said that a man shall leave his parents to be together with his wife not a man to leave his parents to be with another man.

So why, is it that some respected leaders around the world are not realizing what God has ordained on earth? President Mugabe as a church going Statesman knows quite well that homosexuality has no place in any society headed by rightful thinking people, hence, his stance against the same. Homosexuality is wrong as it is against what God sanctioned as a holy marriage and those supporting it needs to realize that they are going against God's wishes.

As such, it is surprising that some private media's publications in the country could come up with stories denouncing President Mugabe's stance against gays and lesbians, only choosing to applaud a stance taken by the donors who wants to impose their will on Zimbabwe. It should be known that homosexuals are going against norms and values of any society hence, such acts cannot be entertained by rightful thinking people.
This headline Mugabe angers donor agencies, from a daily newspaper on 06 October 2015, rates among some of the stories which were published recently as a way of trying to portray President Mugabe as out of touch with reality. The story went on to say that President Robert Mugabe's tough stance against gays and lesbians have set him on a collision course with twelve (12) out of thirty (30) United Nations agencies which have denounced his pronouncements.

The story went further to say that President Mugabe's statement on gays and lesbians has cast a shadow over preparations for the International conference on Aids and STI's Africa Conference scheduled for Harare next month. It further said that the conference would be in jeopardy as members of the gay community were not sure of what their lives would be in Harare.

While it is necessary for such tabloids to inform people on what would have happened globally but for a local newspaper to exalt a stance taken by the donor agencies failing to appreciate the stance taken by the President on same-sex marriage boggles the mind. It is not good for journalists to let the power of money get the better part of them to an extent of failing to differentiate something good from bad. Actually, some journalists in the country should not act as agents of foreigners who always see anything good from foreigners although there is nothing to write about. Embracing homosexuality is known that in the country doing that would mean you are going against the statutes of Zimbabwe hence, who celebrates for that is against what Zimbabwe stands for.

People should recall that President Mugabe made it clear at the United Nation General Assembly recently that we Zimbabweans were not gays. As such the stance taken by the President should be applauded as he has showed the world that Zimbabweans cannot sacrifice their dignity for "thirty pieces of silver". While the country is under economic challenges but people should not be forced to act against what define them as Zimbabweans.

Actually, Zimbabweans should remember that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God because the two biblical cities were full of homosexual people. God destroyed those cities because he realised that homosexuals had no place on earth hence, they deserved to be obliterated completely. Now, why is it that the world has some people who fail to appreciate that homosexuality is against what God has created as a family?

So for the UN agencies to come out denouncing what President Mugabe has said showed that they are abusing their status as donor agencies. The UN bodies should accept that the gays and lesbians in Zimbabwe are not welcome hence; Zimbabwe cannot sacrifice its dignity for donor funds. The donor agencies have the right to say what they want but they have no right to direct countries to do what is against what such countries stand for.

The donors should also appreciate that they stand for everyone globally and they should not confuse themselves by thinking that all those working for such UN agencies subscribe to same-sex marriage ideology. For them to combinably issue a statement denouncing those coming openly denouncing homosexuality, like what President Mugabe did, shows that those at the helm of such UN bodies are not in touch with reality. They are abusing their positions as they think that everyone working for such UN bodies subscribe to same-sex mentality.

In fact, the UN bodies have different workers who are against homosexuality who do support the position taken by President Mugabe. For that reason, those in leadership could have just rushed into issuing such a statement without widely consulting with their counterparts. As such, it is wrong for the said donors to come up with a blanket statement denouncing those against homosexuality without taking into considerations the feelings of other members within such organisations.

 So the UN bodies should accept that Zimbabwe despite reeling under economic challenges cannot accept donor funds as a way of embracing same-sex marriage ideology.

Source - John Mukumbo
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