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Mujuru is spoilt for choice of suitors but has the leopardess lost her tyrannical spots

16 Nov 2015 at 20:15hrs | Views
Mai Mujuru is the most eligible political partner in Zimbabwe politics both Morgan Tsvangirai and Tendai Biti have been very attentive courting her with flowers and chocolates galore. Now there are rumours that Zanu PF, who baby dumped her in the first, are now desperate to win her back!

"Zanu-PF sources say some members of the party are stepping up efforts to lure former VP Joice Mujuru back into the structures as there is widespread agreement that her brutal purge late last year left the party more divided and seriously weakened," reported the Daily News. 

"The party would also want to avoid a coalition between Mujuru and MDC-Ts Morgan Tsvangirai." Well who would want her to marry someone else if the union would deliver electoral victory at one's expense! 

"Mujuru says that when she is ready, she will do what the 'real suffering people' of Zimbabwe want her to do," concluded the report. So the political maiden will continue to keep the flattering of her heart a secret; what exactly she going to do next will be for the greatest Oracle – Time – to reveal. As for the nation at large we must not be fooled by her wearing the white chastity veil; she is the same corrupt and indifferent politician Mugabe kicked out of Zanu PF and not the democrat she now pretends to be.  

Joice Mujuru was in power for 34 years and in all these years the country was dragged slowly but surely into this hell-hole. The "real suffering people" of Zimbabwe did not start last year but have been suffering for years. She has done nothing to end their suffering all those 34 years she was in power when; ironically, she did have the power and opportunity to do something. Now that she has been kicked out of power and thus is powerless, she says she will do something.

It should be noted that during the 34 years in power she did join her Zanu PF colleagues in the looting and plunder of the nation's wealth. Hell she was ready to join in that one as can be seen from her loot; she owns a number of business ventures, large farms, diamond concession in Marange (since lost it when she was booted out of Zanu PF), etc.

The Taurai Ropa who answered the nation's call to end white colonial domination and exploitation may well have believed in freedom, liberty and justice just as many other freedom fighters who fought in the liberation war. But when she was thrust into the position of power and authority, she changed her name to Joice Mujuru and abandoned her believes too. Boy-oh-boy she ditched all the liberation war values of freedom, liberty and justice so fast it made her head spin!

President Abraham Lincoln, one of America's great leaders of all time, said "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

President Lincoln was right; power has tested Mujuru, Mugabe and all the Zanu PF leaders and they have all been found wanting. The corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrants who have ruled this nation these last 35 years are the same liberation war heroes and heroines who endured all manner of adversity before independence only to be totally transformed by power to into the corrupt and murderous tyrants.

Some people like Tsvangirai have argued that Mujuru had her Biblical "Saul on the road to Damascus" transformative moment when she was kicked out of Zanu PF last year. Her eyes were finally opened to the reality of Zanu PF corruption and oppression; she saw the suffering of the people then. She is now a democrat and she is once again going to answer the nation's call to fight for freedom, liberty and end the people's suffering.

There is no one blinder than he who sees with the physical eyes but perceive nothing because they have elected to close their mental eyes! If people like Tsvangirai opened their eyes, mental eyes, they would see that Mujuru has not change from the corrupt and greed tyrant she was throughout her 34 years in power.  

Last week Mai Mujuru contested and lost a court case in which she was being sued by the owner of one of the commercial farms the Mujurus seized some years back. When they seized the farm the owner was forced to leave all the animals, crops, plant, machinery, everything for which they received no compensation; that was Zanu PF's modus operandi of its land redistribution. The farms were seized, ostensibly, to resettle landless peasants although the ruling elite who benefited the most. The court ruled that Mujuru should pay the farm owner $1.8 million for the animals, crops, etc.

One does not need the "Saul to Paul" transformation to see the gross injustice of abusing State Institution powers to seize someone else's lifetime work for selfish gain but, for the sake of argument we assume that Mujuru did. So even with this metamorphosis transformation, Tsvangirai assures us that she has indeed gone through it, she still fail to see the injustice. She would have never contested the case if she agreed the farm seizure was wrong.

Power corrupts; Mai Mujuru, Mugabe and everyone else in Zanu PF have enjoyed absolute power for the last three and half decades and it, in turn, has corrupted them absolutely. They never had the depth of character to taste power and not be drunk and addicted to it. Like all drunks they believe they alone knew what is best for the nation and everyone else must be silenced. They believed they are infallible.

They became addicted to power and, like all addicts, the more power they got the more they demanded for feed their insatiable appetite. Worse still, they instituted the "no regime change" mantra to ensure they remained in power no matter what, even when this meant denying the people their freedom, liberty and humanity – they very things they had supposedly fought for in the war of independence!

Mai Mujuru's character has clearly not changed one bit; Biti, Tsvangirai and now Mugabe are tipping over each other to win her political hand because each thinks a coalition with her may help them win the next elections.

Tsvangirai and Biti got their whiff of power during the GNU and they too got punch drunk they completely forgot to implementing the democratic reforms, the single most important task they had to do. MDC paid dearly for their folly because Mugabe rigged the elections and kicked them off the gravy train. They are desperate to get back into power, so desperate they are seeing in Mujuru a virtuous democrat and will falsely testify of her change.   

The people of Zimbabwe must not be fooled into believing Mai Mujuru has change; elect her back into office and, drunk with power, she will be back looting and instituting her own "no regime change" mantra, etc. Mai Mujuru is will not change her character just because she was booted out of Zanu PF; she is like a leopard, it will not lose its spots just because it was  caught in a storm!

Source - Wilbert Mukori
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