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Chiyangwa is the best but...

26 Nov 2015 at 09:58hrs | Views
Many have reacted with different opinions since the day when my fellow business mogul Phillip Chiyangwa announced his intended interest to run for the vacant Zifa presidential post.

Many or to put it clear the majority of people were quick to express their displeasure over Chiyangwa's candidature.

They even labelled him 'Cashbert II' because of his almost similar features with the spectacled doctor(Dr) of football destruction estwhile Zifa leader Cathbert Dube.

They said Chiyangwa had money same as was Dr Dube but no football knowledge or background of his ever involvement in the beautiful game ever since its inception in this country when the country gained Uhuru in 1980.

Many even suggested that through his 'ignorance' of the game he would embark on a re-destroying era if given a chance to run the country's highest football authority body as his predecessor did from 2010 up to the time of his revoke.

While many have tried to view Chiyangwa as a bad influence who is seeking political fame through running for the Zifa presidency ,a few if not none have sat down and analysed of Chiyangwa's capability if given the button stick to lead the office at 53 Livingstone of which it is highly likely.

Many have just joined the bandwagon of criticizing everything without using their God given brains to think and evaluate for themselves.

As for me I have been at one time criticizing Chiyangwa's move as impasse until recently when I outweighed of his capabilities given that he lands the hot seat to lead the Zifa and football family at large for the next 27 months .

While many have predicted the future to look bleak with Chiyangwa at the helm ,I have seen otherwise.

For me the Chiyangwa factor will come into play were he would want to show off himself as a successful person and that will help to bring parity into the football fraternity.

Chiyangwa for me is going to live out according to his election manifesto just to prove all his critics wrong that he is not the bad image many think he is.
People should see facts and should not hate people for their riches.

As the saying goes facts are stubborn.

And the word cannot be shielded or to put it plainly in shona: shoko harivhikwe.I am sorry to have omitted the ndebele version for the sake that i don't know the language that much.After all I am not a tribalist and I hope my fellow countrymen will not take it seriously for this boob.

Anywhere the Chiyangwa who is going to be elected on December 5 is going to transform football in this country to the highest level expected or even we don't expect him to take us to.

The advantage of Chiyangwa is that the corporate world will support him during his tenure because he is one of us(as business men).

Secondly in Chiyangwa there is trust that once a corporate churns out its money from its coffers it will land safely to the purpoted area without any risk of being snapped by a greedy 'dog' which is hungry for money at the expense of football development as Chiyangwa has his money already.

Another factor is that Chiyangwa is closely connected with many needed corporates and partners of football with Manchester United,Arsenal being one of them and the rich moneybags of United Arab Emarites(UAE) which will boost our football locally and internationally.

Through Chiyangwa the debts which have been haunting Zifa for almost a decade will almost be a thing of the early stone age.

The Premier Soccer League which had been crying for recognity will start to compete with the much fancied ABSA league of our Joza brothers who have been bullying us for a long time for our lacking of financial support,as sponsors will start to chip in regardless of the economic downslide the country is facing.

But while Chiyangwa might be the best, many,should not expect him to fork out his own money deep down his pocket to support the sport as his compatriot in 'Dr Cashbert' did when he gave away his money of which no one had asked him to as it was not his outright job to dish out his personal funds to help clean up his own mess of failing to get financial backing from the 'zoo' world.

Chiyangwa made it clear he will not give anyone his money but will try to build sponsor confidence through rebranding.

Also Chiyangwa should never be taken seriously as he is as purported trying to gain political milage as the much fancied 2018 make-or-break watershed elections get nearer, by writing a success story by leading Zifa but if it is true of which it might be it will be a disastrous move to take as it will expose his negligence if he fails to deliver and the biggest casualty will not be him as per such but the football community.

As I sign out I would like to urge the councillors who are now carrying the future if this beautiful game to vote wisely come 5 December 2015.

And to the football family I urge you to fully support anyone who wins the mantra to lead football for the next 27 months be it Juul,Gwindi,Takavada or my fellow businessman Chiyangwa.

Wilson Chipangura is an enterprenuer in Sanyati and wrote this in his personal capacity
He can be contacted via:
Facebook page: Hon Wilson Chipangura.
Source - Wilson Chipangura
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