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After 2018 general elections, there will be manner from the MDC-T led government to all Zimbabweans

14 Dec 2015 at 10:01hrs | Views
Everyone in the Democratic Struggle wants happiness and nobody wants pain but we can't have a rainbow without a little rain because being happy for now doesn't mean that everything is perfect but it means that we've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Zimbabwe needs a President who had the people's interest a heart. A President who break tribal and racial barriers, a President who think for our future and not who keeps on telling us about the bush war. We want a President who never oversaw corruption, killing innocent people, a President who isn't apolitical.

Zimbabwe needs a President who have a clear vision for our Country. In the meantime, before we realize that vision, there have to be a short-term recovery measures to rescue this collapsing economy and save our Country from failing over the precipice.

Currently, Zisco had retracted all its workforce due to mismanagement and the Zanu-Pf interference as clueless failed Zanu-Pf Dictators had a history of destruction and corruption as they will be busy enriching themselves causing starvation to ordinary Zimbabweans

Fellow Democrats and my Zimbabweans National and International, the 2018 New Democratic Free Zimbabwe is enshrined in our March 2013 Zimbabwe New Constitution that we wrote for ourselves BUT the sinking Zanu-Pf titanic is refusing to implement it. I envision a New Democratic Free Zimbabwe which will have a vibrant Economy that will meets the aspirations of all Zimbabweans National and International that will underpinned by Policy Consistency, Growth and Prosperity for all.

In the New Democratic Free Zimbabwe, it will be like a great Nation rising from the ashes of evil Zanu-Pf misrule, as it will be a realization of our promises from the MDC-T for a better future for our Children and our Grandchildren in a land full of happiness, abundance and the inalienable right for all Zimbabweans to pursue our ambitions without limit. In the 2018 New Democratic Free Zimbabwe, there will be possibility of reconciliation of all Zimbabweans regardless of race, tribe, gender and or political affiliation as it will be a Nation working together in resolving its own problems created by the Zanu-Pf Dictators.

It will be a New Democratic Free Zimbabwe with a new ethos, where every Zimbabwean will live in peaceful co-existence regardless of their cultural , ethnic, racial , religious and or political differences. 2018 will bring a New Democratic Free Zimbabwe where all Zimbabweans can live up to their full potential given our traumatic past, we Zimbabweans , we must learn to tolerate and reconcile with each other and draws a line in the sand and said, "Never Ever again should any Zimbabwean Citizen be slaughtered on ethnic, racial, political and or any other grounds for that matter" In 2018 Democratic Free Zimbabwe, we will be an Inclusive, united society that will be ready to swim or sink together as one Family where diversity is celebrated rather than punished as it will be the  celebration of our differences that will ultimately make our Democracy hold.

In the 2018 New Democratic Free Zimbabwe that we are fighting for, there will be no compromise on the dignity  of every Zimbabwean , which thankfully is now enshrined in our March 2013 Zimbabwe New Constitution. All Zimbabweans will be enjoying the true meaning of life by being treated equally by the MDC-T Led Government and all Government Institutions. The equality and dignity of all citizens will be the cornerstone upon which our Democracy will be built in the 2018 New Democratic Free Zimbabwe.

MDC-T Government will deliver a New Democratic Free Zimbabwe characterized by Economic, Prosperity, Equity with notable increase of GDP and individual income levels. It will be a New Democratic Free Zimbabwe that will be using Morden Technology like other developed Countries to accelerate productivity through Strategic Investment Partnerships in the Agricultural ,Manufacturing and Mining Sectors. It will be a Productivity that will ultimately benefits the ordinary Zimbabweans as it will be a Zimbabwe with a modernized Transport Infrastructure that includes the resuscitation of the competitiveness of our National Airline.

Participation of women and the youth in the mainstream economic activities is guaranteed and encouraged in 2018 the New Democratic Free Zimbabwe. Rural women and rural youth will be busy reviving rural infrastructures and economy and town women and town youth will be doing the same in Towns and Cities as it will be a Nation with an accountable Government and it will be country where a prosperous and inclusive economy prevails underpinned by the rule of law , political stability, policy consistency and predictability. MDC-T will build a corrupt-free New Democratic Zimbabwe with a Government that is at the forefront of aggressively tackling systemic grafts and dismantling the rise of unjust scales. An efficient public service will be the cornerstone of an efficient Government and in the 2018 New Democratic Free Zimbabwe, the Government will de-politicize the public service to harness efficiencies and new competences as well as implementing institutional transformation to prepare public institutions with the onerous role to efficiently serve Zimbabweans.

In 2018 New Democratic Free Zimbabwe, efficient social service delivery will engender happiness among all Zimbabweans by ensuring the provision of affordable and qualitative clean water in towns and rural areas, affordable housing , quality healthcare and quality education to all Zimbabweans throughout the whole Nation without gender, race, and political affiliation. MDC-T Government strongly believe in the sacred commitment of our Liberation War and all Democratic Struggle objectives and will honour all of our fallen heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate price for us to be free from oppression of black man by black man.

Truly speaking fellow cadres, the sinking Zanu-Pf titanic created the problem of joblessness by failing to properly and efficiently run the economy. The Matibili Mugabe Regime can't therefore try to punish us for a problem that the clueless failed Government created

The regime must take full responsibility for the suffering of Zimbabweans National and International which we are going through now after it failed to fulfil its Election promises of creating 2.2 million jobs to the Youth.

The issue of the Zimbabwean Youths on the streets is symptomatic of the Sinking Zanu-Pf Titanic's failure to run the our Country properly.

It is now very evident that the corrupt Zanu-Pf Dictators has totally failed to meet the essential needs to all the majority of the people of Zimbabwe who are living in abject poverty and destitution.

The return of legitimacy in Zimbabwe will only be through a Free, Fair and Credible General Elections in 2018 and the outcome will be acceptable answer to the current crisis which we are facing in Zimbabwe which the sinking clueless failed Zanu-Pf titanic Dictators brought since 1980. Fellow Democrats, we can only achieve and enjoyed our sweat once we cast our vital votes to the President with VISION FOR OUR FUTURE.


United we Win
Divided we Failed

MDC-T : Equal Opportunity For All

Source - MDC-T Chipinge West Constituency Hon R M Simango
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