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Zimbabwe Divine Destiny: a church or political party?

03 Mar 2016 at 10:35hrs | Views
After learning that Zimbabwe Divine Destiny Church leader, Ancelimo Magaya is visually impaired, I forgave him for 'seeing' human rights violations where there is none. Honestly where are the acts of violence, terror and intimidation by state that the cleric refers to.

His intention to stage a demonstration on 9 March is definitely as a result of misinformation he receives from those who were blessed with sight, perhaps his advisers. Those with sight must assist our dear pastor by telling him the reality on the ground.

In any case, Pastor Magaya must stop dabbling in politics. If he so wish to play the game, he must come in the open so that he can be treated accordingly as a political player. Politics and church are not one and the same thing. The duty of the church according to the Bible that I read is to pray for the leaders for they are ordained by God. You just have to do that whether you like the leader or not. It is a Biblical principle that every man of God must comply with.

It is unfortunate that Zimbabwe Divine Destiny sounds and acts more like a political party. It sounds strange to me for a church to organize a demonstration. Who is Pastor Magaya going to demonstrate against? Is he going to cajole the entire congregation into the street?

We have had political activists who masqueraded as church clerics. Iam sure Pastor Magaya still remembers one Pius Ncube who went to an extent of praying for the death of the Zimbabwean leader, President Robert Mugabe. One wonders whether that prayer was meant for the Almighty we all know. Only the devil can listen to such sinister prayers. Pius was good at pointing at a speck in President Mugabe's eyes when he had a whole log in his own eyes. What then became of Pius?

I hope Pastor Magaya does not have a log in his eye that has affected his sight to an extent of seeing non-existing violence. I know it may sound unafrican to refer to someone's handicap in this way but as the old adage goes- someone in glass house must not throw stones.

The disappearance of Itai Dzamara has been explained for the umpteen times. If Pastor Magaya knows where Dzamara is, he can do the nation a service by telling us where he is. We understand that being the Chairperson of the Itai Dzamara Trust, he must be heard talking, otherwise the coffers would be soon dry.

It's unfortunate that the man of cloth has decided to profit from the unfortunate incident of Dzamara to sustain his own family. I remember hearing Dzamara's wife complaining that she is not getting any assistance. If the Pastor is indeed motivated by bonafide empathy, why is he not assisting her? I pray that he will not be in headlines for misuse of the Trust funds. Watch this space dear readers!

Men of cloth have also joined the bandwagon of fleecing the generous donors by forming bogus organizations and make noise that is heard in the Western capitals. That tactic used to be employed by secular Non-Governmental Organisations such as the National Constitutional Assembly, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and many others. Some of them have realized that it no longer works and they have transformed themselves into political parties.

It must be known to Pastor Magaya that God has his own way of exposing political activists who masquerade as men of cloth. He must remember his colleague, Pastor Patrick Mugadza of Kariba who tried to get fame through some silly solo demonstrations against President Mugabe in Victoria Falls. The 'pastor' later got the fame for unintended reasons. He was caught on camera having a threesome with some Harare prostitutes.  That's the caliber of pastors with a penchant for antagonistic politics.

Mugadza later blamed the state security for setting him up. That's incredible.  We don't know whether he was set up or not but the 'man of god' should have overcome that simple temptation.
Pastors must leave politics for politicians and concentrate on the spiritual needs of their flocks. He must emulate his counterpart and namesake who is never into politics.

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