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Tsvangirai is the cheapest Politician

11 Mar 2016 at 12:25hrs | Views
Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC-T president, is the cheapest politician that thrives on sensationalism, and capitalizing on human emotions. When the pained Itai Dzamara family and associates were demonstrating peacefully over his obscured, and controversial disappearance a year ago, he took this as an opportunity to spew his cheap propaganda in order to sustain his fast waning political relevance in Zimbabwean affairs.

Tsvangirai uttered some baseless statements which he failed to substantiate for purposes of clarity for the benefit of the generality of the public, let alone the Dzamara family. He pronounced that Itai was removed from society because he had in his possession 2013 election fraud evidence. He also made an assertion that he shared this information with Itai before his disappearance. In the interest of the public, why can't Tsvangirai make these amazing revelations available for us all to see and shame the perpetrators?

If he fails to do this, then he is just poking the emotions of the grieving family for no apparent reason, than to seek personal political aggrandizement.

His MDC-T withdrew wholesomely its 2013 High Court challenge before the initial hearing by the court after failing to furnish sufficient evidence to prove a prime facie case against the winner, President Robert Mugabe. But surprisingly, up to this day he still claims that he shared such information with Itai. Why didn't he utilise that evidence to boost his challenge to the poll outcome? He is displaying hypocritical tendencies which are characterized by his sensationalization of public issues of concern for his selfish gains.

The Itai Dzamara matter is an issue which is above the scope of simple political activism as every Zimbabwean remains expectant in anguish that Itai will resurface one day alive to recount, and share his experience with us all. It is wrong for someone to seek achieving political scores from such a predicament bedeviling the Dzamara family.  

We need leaders that mourn with us and enjoy with us too, rather than derive personal pleasure out of our plight when our cheeks are wet with tears, and hasten to increase their political mileage.

If Tsvangirai is truly a rational political leader, he should worry most about the challenge posed by the entry of Joyce Mujuru, of the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) political movement on the local opposition political landscape.

Mujuru champions a real threat to his pre-existing hegemony on the opposition politics front in the country. This explains why MDC-T has become the fishing pond for Mujuru as its supporters are in a mass exodus towards ZPF. Since the inception of ZPF, he seems clueless on how to rescue his sinking party from slumping into abyss.

Source - Suitable Kajau
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