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Remove the log in your eye

18 Mar 2016 at 06:58hrs | Views
This writer once attended a workshop that was designed to encourage a health reform in the eating habits so as to reduce cancer, which was said to be the number one killer disease the world over.

The articulacy and perspicuity of the speaker would have seen even the modern popular preachers consumed by envy. He passionately spoke against the consumption of certain food stuff. However, he was suspiciously obese, a condition that spurred this writer to throw an eagle eye on his eating habits.

At tea break, the gentleman shoveled five teaspoonful of sugar into a 250ml cup of coffee. Come lunch time, the gentleman literally concealed himself behind a mountain of starch. After lunch, he would be seen puffing up cigarettes, one after the other. With all that, the confidence in the man was totally lost. He was preaching what he does not live.

The era of 'do as I say and not as I do' is over and that technique of instruction is no longer effective in the contemporary world. It is rather hypocrisy at its worst.
There is a close connection between this health presenter and the MDC-T leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai. The media reported this week that Gweru MDC-T mayor, Hamutendi Kombayi and his Town Clerk, were arrested over the alleged theft of $187,500, part of which was used to pay for the broke Tsvangirai's stay in Gweru's top of the range hotels.

It is likely that Mr Tsvangirai's entourage was also treated to this goodwill. Tsvangirai, with his 'serious zip governance challenges,' it cannot be an extreme assumption that the train even included some women of the world, those who have love for sale. The media was recently awash with pictures of Tsvangirai surrounded by ladies who were meagerly dressed. Interestingly, Obert Gutu, who thinks being a spokesperson is synonymous with senseless refutation of the obvious, dismissed the pictures which he said were photo-shopped by Zanu PF's propaganda machinery. However, Tsvangirai himself said the ladies were his supporters. Imagine President Mugabe frolicking with scantily dressed ladies.

Mr Tsvangirai had strolled up and down the streets of Gweru and certainly he saw the sorry state of that city. Gweru city council employees had gone for months without salaries, let alone service delivery to the rate payers. Still Mr Tsvangirai received that money without shame.

Mr Tsvangirai has become so predictable that whenever he opens his mouth to speak, the subject is either on election boycott, mass protests, mostly on the perceived vice of corruption within Zanu PF or even a missing button on his shirt ostensibly pinched by President Mugabe.

The MDC-T leader has been launching into Zanu PF for alleged corruption. He always lectures the world that Zimbabwe's economy collapsed because of Zanu PF corruption. Agreed, corruption decimates national economies but that of Zimbabwe was largely ruined by sanctions or restrictive measures as Mr Tsvangirai would love to call it, in line with the warped western definition.

Not to say there is no corruption in Zanu PF, but accusers must be of high moral standing. One day the Pharisees attempted to test Jesus by bringing to him a woman who had been caught in adultery and asked for his take on the Law of Moses that commanded them to stone such. Jesus said: "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone."

For sure Mr Tsvangirai cannot be the first to throw a stone at Zanu PF. Why does he see the speck in Zanu PF's eye when he has a whole log in his own eye? Mr Tsvangirai would do well if he takes out the log in his eyes before trying to take out a speck in other people's eyes.

The MDC-T has been vociferous on the $15 billion diamond money which it says was looted by Zanu PF. It is just politicking; otherwise they know for sure that Zanu PF is equally perturbed by the illicit diamond trading that took place at Chiadzwa.

By winking at corruption committed by Kombayi, Mr Tsvangirai has already shown his potential to committee more serious vices especially when he becomes a state president with immunity privileges. This is the same Tsvangirai, who, after joining the corridors of power in the inclusive government, was involved in a string of appalling sleazes. Remember the double dipping scandal in which he prejudiced government of US$1,5m after he received US$1,5m from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for the renovation of his posh Highlands house and went on to receive the same amount from treasury for the same purpose.

Corruption is in his DNA. He was accused of being complicit in the crippling of councils by councilors from his party who stole rate payers' money. Some of the councilors were rank marshals with no educational aptitude or any other skills but mysteriously rose to opulence in proverbial rags to riches style.

With the recent revelations in Gweru, one can be forgiven to think that these councilors 'tithed' to Tsvangirai who used it for lavish trip overseas until he earned himself the title 'legend of the carnal seas.'

It's so strange that with a man like this, Luke Tamborinyoka had the temerity to wax lyrics of praise for Mr Tsvangirai on his birthday. He unashamedly called such a man 'a leader so simple, so honest.' What a misnomer. Some bootlicking must make sense Luke!

Source - Tafara Shumba
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