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Nobody can destroy the Unity Accord

23 Mar 2016 at 12:21hrs | Views
The historic unity accord signed between Zapu and Zanu PF in 1987 is here to stay forever. Neither Dumiso Dabengwa nor any other ex-Zapu member has the power to abolish or even put an iota of amendment on it. That accord is like a will that nobody can change when the owner dies. That accord has owners.

In the same vein, the Unity accord can only be changed or abolished by those who put their signatures on it, namely the late Vice President Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo and President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. If there is anyone who think the accord must be abolished, they must raise Dr Nkomo so that he ratifies the abolition. Apart from that, the only option left is to ship out and leave the unity intact.

In view of the above, it is therefore, utter nonsense for some mischievous boys in Bulawayo who masqueraded as ex-Zipra war veterans, to tell the nation that they have broken away from both Zanu PF and Zimbabwe Liberation War Veteran Association (ZNLWA). It is equally gibberish for them to tell us that they have appointed Dumiso Dabengwa as their patron. In the first place, Dabengwa is not Zapu. He left Zanu PF as an individual. That is the reason why the likes of Cdes Joseph Msika, John Landa Nkomo, Simon Khaya Moyo, and many other ex-Zapu bigwigs remained within Zanu PF.

Dabengwa went on to form a replica of the original revolutionary Zapu to deceive some gullible war vets like those who have recently launched the so called Zipra war veterans association. Theirs best qualifies as a burial society. We have one war veteran's welfare association that will advance the interests of bonafide war veterans. I doubt that the members of that club are real war veterans and it will be a shame for Dabengwa to associate with spurious elements just for political expediency. These are criminals who are bent on causing disharmony within the country. Despite our economic challenges, we have been enjoying peace in this country, which is even envied by other countries across the globe.

What the bogus ex-Zipra freedom fighters doing is only a gesture of grave insolence for Father Zimbabwe, Dr Nkomo. The late liberation icon had a dream of seeing a united Zimbabwe working together for prosperity. Dabengwa is good at deriding fellow ex-Zipra ex-combatants whom he accuses of being sellout or bogus freedom fighters. He would do well if he tells the nation this time around about the authenticity of the boys who have launched this separate war vets association.

President Mugabe created a whole ministry to deal with the welfare of the former freedom fighters. Ironically, that ministry is led by a former Zipra commander, Colonel Tshinga Dube. The minister recently called on the war veterans to unite for it becomes easy for him to deal with a united constituency. It is yet to be seen if Dube's ministry will recognize this association.

Dabengwa is struggling to put his party on both feet. It is therefore outlandish for these boys to expect that Dabengwa has the capacity to look after their welfare. For their information, their newly appointed patron himself is itching to rejoin Zanu PF. If they are indisputable war veterans, they must come back to their senses and go back to ZNLWA whose patron has the welfare of ex-combatants at heart. The creation of a ministry is manifestation of that love.

Source - Mthulisi Sibanda
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