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'To hell with sexual terrorism'

02 Apr 2016 at 13:06hrs | Views
The incineration of Gomorrah, a wicked town in ancient Palestine for rampant homosexuality, should serve people in post-modernity around the world that inverted sexual activities remain punishable by eternal roasting in a fiery lake of burning sulphur.

That is what the Bible, God's indisputable message to humanity, says and no mortal possesses the power to negate our Creator's word.

Yet some people in countries nearer home to Zimbabwe and many others beyond many seas poke their fingers in God's eye with their blatant practice or endorsement of homosexuality.

Some do it with deliberate disregard of the consequences of defying God, and in pursuit of carnal pleasures; others embrace homosexuality to ingratiate themselves with some Western countries.

The latter are nations with cultures so decadent that their governments export homosexuality as a conditionality for economic aid especially to less developed countries, such as those in Africa.

The proviso here is that a no to homosexuality is regarded as a no to foreign aid by potential donors.

Zimbabwean society generally abhors homosexuality as an unmitigated abomination because of Christian values prevalent in the country.

And yet it goes without saying that gays and lesbians do exist in the country, practicing inverted sex activities surreptitiously.

A teacher in Gweru who recently sent nude pictures of himself to his high school pupil in an act believed by many to be related to homosexuality, lost his job as a result — which shows the repugnance with which Zimbabweans at large view unnatural sex.

In addition to the sacking, the teacher in question is sure to suffer the indignity of people pointing fingers at him in public and saying:

"That's him — the man of the nude photographs…."

A country to the north-east of Zimbabwe, across the Zambezi River, is embroiled in a furore over homosexuals numbering 4,000 in one particular city.

A coalition of young pastors livid at the existence of such a large group of gays and lesbians in the northern Malawian city of Mzuzu, say they will drag their government to court to compel it to arrest the gays and lesbians who apparently rule the roost in the city in point.

The pastors charge their government with encouraging homosexual activities by not arresting those involved in the acts and whom the clergy regard as criminals. But authorities including one from the government have retorted by telling the pastors to lay their hands off homosexuals with one leader telling the pastors to concentrate on "saving lost souls".

Yet another leader told the pastors to "remember that we live in a free society" (and) "People are free to enjoy human rights".

It is ironic that pastors should be reminded of their duty to save souls when by campaigning against homosexuality they are working precisely to save lost souls.

In fact they are directly trying their utmost to persuade the homosexuals to cease their evil acts, convert to Christianity and save their souls from everlasting damnation.

But for any official, governmental or non-governmental, to endorse homosexuality as a "human right" is nothing short of an absurdity of absurdities.

Moreover, there is also a risk that if allowed to continue with their rampant unnatural acts, the homosexuals might extend their activities across borders to pollute morals in the affected countries.

Meanwhile, the government of Botswana should be applauded for refusing to register an organisation representing gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

It is obvious that by registering that organisation, that government would have given the homosexuals and their ilk carte blanche rights to also run riot with their inverted sex terrorism as it were not only in that country but no doubt in neighbouring states such as ours where such bizarre activities are largely viewed as anathema.

One wonders whose values, alien or those of the Batswana, the appeal court represents by saying the government was wrong in rejecting the application to endorse the right of the existence of people who practice unorthodox sexual activities sex.

The mind certainly boggles here.

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