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Warvets must understand that they don't have more rights than ordinary citizens

08 Apr 2016 at 07:15hrs | Views
The recent meeting of Mugabe with warvets raises eyebrows because the warvets demanded many rights and its like they think that  because of that they went to war and fought the enemy with guns; they have control of everything in Zimbabwe. Land; mines; companies are the most important things which can make the economy grow if they are well managed and utilised.

It is amazing to hear the president R G Mugabe on social media promising warvets that he will give them land which is dry or semi-arid.What are those warvets going to do with the land given to them without being given any farming assistance in form of farming equipment or monetary funds?

This chorus of land issue was sung long back but the land grabbed from the commercial farmers is now just like abandoned lands.The demobilized soldiers were supposed to be compensated  long back and their welfare to be considered as well. land is for all and we must all have equal rights to use land unless for commercial use;a person is supposed to rent a land .

Promising warvets everything is just fooling them.The warvets fought for our liberation together with the masses. Joshua Nkomo once said to Zipra combatants " Masses are the water; combatants are the fish; fish live in water and the water protects fish" So the masses supplied food to the combatants and that unity between Zipra forces and Masses briefly tells us that everyone fought for Zimbabwe's liberation until the whites minority rule ended.

The warvets therefore need a government which will take care for them and treat them as VIP's . The warvets can assist us in writing history of Zimbabwe from colonisation; armed struggle and gaining independence. ZANU has been abusing warvets by involving them in ZANU issues .

Let ZANU fight their own battles without disturbing warvets. Let the warvets part ways with Mugabe with Mugabe and come to ZAPU a peoples party and they will be included as a special wing which lecture people about Zimbabwe history and give advice where possible.

Sikhumbuzo Moyo ZAPU RSA province writing on his private capacity.

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Source - Sikhumbuzo Moyo
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