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Mataire, April indaba did not 'succinctly locate the morass behind' Zanu PF wars

11 Apr 2016 at 21:06hrs | Views
"I have no patience with students who think if they cannot dazzle with their brilliance they will baffle with bull!," said my Science teacher.

"Before I embark on this hazardous experiment, I would like to expeditiously warn the reader of the said hazards," he continued, reading from the opening line of one of the bafflers!

"I have better things to do than waste my time reading the rest of this rubbish!" He would say as he draw a red cross over the rest of the piece and added 0% in the margin.

"Far from being just a talk-show, the war veterans' indaba with President Mugabe lived up to its billing as it succinctly located the morass behind the current seemingly endless factional wars bedevilling the revolutionary ZANU-PF party," wrote Lovemore Ranga Mataire.

From the opening line alone I knew immediately we have one of those individuals here to baffle you with bulls***t!

What is Lovemore wittering about the indaba was not a talk-show! Of course it was a time wasting talk-show. The reader should forget Lovemore's nonsense of the meeting "succinctly locating the morass"; the meeting was, first and foremost, about how to end the war vets and their dependences' worsening economic misery brought on by the country's worsening economic situation. The war vets are angry that the mass economic prosperity Mugabe first promised the nation 36 years ago has not materialized. They, like the rest of the nation, are sick and tired of waiting for it in Mugabe's "tomorrow" which is always a day away!

The war vets are angry that Mugabe's 1998 Z$ 50 000 pay out was not a promise of many more to follow. If they had known the cash was a one-off bribe then would have never betrayed the nation and done his dirty of intimidating, harassing, beating and even murdering so many ordinary Zimbabweans to force them to vote for Zanu PF. Mugabe has edged them to do this dirty work but only for him to forget them soon after the elections as exemplified by government failing paying their children's school fees and other expenses soon after the July 2013 elections.

Mataire tells us the meeting was a "historic" and "no-holds-barred" meeting; nonsense. It would have been a "no-holds-barred" meeting if the war vets' initial meeting in February had been allowed to go ahead. Mugabe, be the control freak he is, did not want the meeting to go ahead because he did not have control of the attendees, the agenda, etc. He unleashed the Riot Police to beat and tear gas the war vets and stop them meeting. He then called the alternative meeting on 7 April, it was a very subdued affair he controlled everything as usual!

Other than getting $ 6.4 million children's fees for the two terms for this year, they will be lucky to get the third term's fees; the war vets got absolutely nothing else to help them fight off abject poverty. Mugabe's suggestion that the war vets should apply for commercial farms and/or start their own mining company was cynical, to say the least. He knows fully well that none of the war vets have the technical expertise, the capital, etc. to do any of these ventures.

Zimbabwe's economic environment is now so bad that even well established businesses are finding it difficult to survive much less thrive. The war vets, like the millions of other Zimbabweans, would be successful business person in their own right by now if the country had maintained a healthy economic growth path these last 36 years. In the present economic chaos millions of Zimbabweans will be glad to have any decent job.

"We have sanctions which have led to shortages. Shortages of money in the banks. Shortages of this and that. Let us work hard." Mugabe told the war vets indaba.

"We are in a difficult position due to sanctions..but things are easing up."

This is just Mugabe being dishonest and changing the goal post to suit; he knew about the sanction when he promised the nation 2.2 million jobs before the 2013 elections, for example, so now he has failed to deliver he blames it on the sanctions!

Ever since the nation attained her independence corruption has been a problem and by denying its existence it was been allowed to grown and spread to the monster it is today. How can $15 billion, equivalent to the nation's GPD, be looted and in a truly "historic" and "no-holds-barred" meeting the leader is not asked about it?

He is allowed to once again get away with some bulls***t story about sanctions being the cause of the economic problems. One has to be real naïve and stupid to believe a nation where corruption has become to rampant that wealth equivalent to its GDP is looted every seven years from one industry alone can still thrive and prosper!

The outcome of the 7 April 2016 Mugabe and war vets meeting shows that the tyrants still has the war vets under his evil spell!

The war vets have turned a blind eye to mismanagement and rampant corruption by Mugabe because they thought they would have a share of the looted wealth. They thought the 1998 Z$ 50 000 was the down payment not knowing it was the bait whet their greed and once swallowed they would be there to do Mugabe's evil dibbing. It is high time these war vets open their eyes and realized their naivety has helped Mugabe drag the nation into this hell-hole.

The war vets can continue to dream of prosperity but they will continue to wallow in abject poverty just like the rest of us because no nation will prosper given Zanu PF's criminal waste of resources. The only meaningful to end the waste is by holding those in power to account through free and fair elections.

Those war vets who continue to deny the people their right to free and fair elections to defend Mugabe's no-regime-change agenda are defending the morally indefensible and the politically and socially unsustainable!  Mugabe and his corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship are doomed and not even the war vets can prop up the regime for much longer! As for Mataire, if you think the indaba will stop the factional fighting in Zanu PF, think again!

Source - Wilbert Mukori
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