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War veterans deserve to be discredited for being accessories to Mugabe's misrule

13 Apr 2016 at 10:32hrs | Views
Robert Mugabe the President of Zimbabwe met his hitherto all weather friends, the War Veterans few days ago for the much hyped make it or break it Indaba. At face value the raison d'etre was to address their grievances. I suggest that Robert Mugabe wanted to test the waters and possibly disarm them by his usual philibustering theatrics. Those without political amnesia are cognisant of the fact that Mugabe is one such a character who indicates left and turn right. A master of well choreographed political chicanery. War Veterans are an important Constituency in Zanu Pf and a vital cog in Zanu pf survival but recent events suggest otherwise.

It is imperative to thoroughly examine if Zanu Pf and precisely Robert Mugabe still consider the War Veterans as an important constituency if the last events are to go by. Considering the recent brutalality the War Veterans suffered in the hands of state machinery, one is tempted to believe that they are now redundant in Zanu pf survival matrix. Its not easy to come to terms with the fact that you are now redundant in your organisation. Its a bitter pill to swallow. Its truamatising and hearbreaking. Redundancy is horrible but its a fact of life.

It was more than a rude awakening for War Veterans to bear the brunt of repressive state machinery. The very same state machinery they had previously connived with and worked with in cohorts to decapitate and decimate the opposition MDC. They were visibly caught off guard. For long War Veterans had enjoyed a lot of immunity almost akin to diplomatic immunity and will find it hard to accept the volte face by their patron Robert Mugabe. For God's sake no-one bothered to remind them that there are no permanent friends in politics except of permanent interests. They were hoodwinked for long into believing that they were the owners of Zimbabwe, as such they can not stomach the reality of an ignominy of political irrelevance. They thus find it hard to believe that liberation war credentials are no longer that much of a bargaining chip in the modern day Zimbabwe.

The straight jacket concept has been discarded owing to change and continuity that characterise politics. Just like Mao's widow Grace seem to be aiming for the top post. She has since argued that liberation war credentials do not mean anything although most people in Zanu pf have used them to embellish their CVs and also as a means to an end.

These War Veterans deserve all the condemnation for failing to reign in the increasing defiant Mugabe. They deserve to be discredited for being accessories to Robert Mugabe's misrule. They willingly aided and abetted Robert Mugabe's autocratic rule.

Nothing lasts forever except eternal life and its now on the wall that Zanu pf's honey moon with the War Veterans has reached its twilight zones. The War Veterans absymally failed to utilise the leverage and clout they had and unsurprisingly they are going to be jettissioned like used condoms,typical of Robert Mugabe modus operandi. There is no rescue team in politics, it is each men for himself and God for us all. Mugabe is one such a character who employs three Ds to achieve political ends,ie,Delay,Deceive and Destroy and these War Veterans are the latest victim of three Ds. Total annihilation.

Considering the fact that it is the War Veterans who played a prominent role in terrorising opposition activists one is tempted to say they are having a good taste of their own medicine. Leapords cry louder when they are dragged on dust. The indaba held by Mugabe and the War Veterans can be viewed as a modus vivendi mearnt to placate the visibly disenchanted and disillisioned War Veterans. For they have been used to receiving preferential treatmment. Robert Mugabe seem to be employing the carrot and stick strategy in his dealings with the War Veterans. Its a catch 22 situation for Mugabe to appease the War Veterans and the political toxin in the name of G40 simulteneouslsy. His airpot rebuff on War Veterans was more of Robert Mugabe usual pre-emptive strikes. He has an obscession with pre-emptive strikes againsst real or perceived nemesis.

It is indeed a zero-sum struggle for power within Zanu pf and from the look of things the War Veterans seem to be clutching at straws. The War Veterans might be applauded for summoning their courage to tell Mugabe point blank the house-keeping issues they wish to be addressed. However, their greatest achilles heel is the failure to tackle the root cause of the problem. The gist of the matter which happen to be the succession imbroglio. Its all about who is going to succeed Robert Mugabe and the rest are just red-herrings.

The sycophantic War Veternas excoriated the Commisseriat Department under Saviour Kasukuwere. They argued that the department is flexing its muscles on vote of no confidence,suspensions and expulsions which is an antithesis of what it is supposed to be doing, that is, mass mobilisation. They proposed that the Department be headed by someone with liberation credentials. It is this warped thinking that makes them naively and regrettably assume that only those with liberation war credentials deserve powerful posts. Its a disheartening sense of entitlement that deserve no place in this modern day Zimbabwe. The bottom line is that the War Veterens and Zanu Pf political Commisser belong to diamentrically opposed factions. Factions that came into being as a result of the perennial succession issue in Zanu pf.

Frustratingly the War Veterans did not bother to raise the pertinent issues bedevilling the citizenry. The catastrophic state of the economy. They dwelt on Zanu pf housekeeping issues and ''their'' welfare. Their welfare and not the welfare of the masses. It is this kind of indifference,avarice and sheer gluttony remniscent of the biblical Cows of Bashan during the time of prophet Amos that deserve to be condemned.

Woe to the Cows of Bashan!!

Wilton Nyasha Machimbira  is a Political Scientist

Source - Wilton Nyasha Machimbira
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