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Paul Siwela poses a serious national security threat

25 Apr 2016 at 13:45hrs | Views
I was relieved at the news that one of the secessionist group leaders, Fidelis Ncube, better known by his pseudonym and bogus title "General Nandinandi" unceremoniously resigned after the Mthwakazi cause failed to take off. But wait a minute! There is another renegade who remains a serious national security threat and his name is Paul Siwela.

He is not new in the politics of separation and division. He was the founding member of Zapu Federal Party and Imbovane Yamahlabezulu a Ndebele name which means weevils. Both of these orgs were instruments of tribalism and separation. All former members of these groups, just like Nandinandi, have abandoned the Mthwakazi agenda and joined Zimbabwe political parties.

I'm talking about house hold names like Lovemore Moyo, Qubani Moyo, Gordon Moyo, Sindiso Mazibisa and George Mkwanazi just to name a few. Siwela is the only one who remains stuck in the stagnant Mthwakazi agenda and refuses to be led by a Shona person.

Where is runaway political criminal, Paul Siwela? What is he doing? Well it will very unwise to believe that such a bitter man who has spent time behind bars has totally abandoned his notoriety.

Paul Siwela skipped the country running away from a court case. He, John Gazi and Charles Thomas were charged with treason. The trio was accused of plotting to topple President Mugabe after they found red handed distributing flyers that called for secession of Matabeleland from the rest of the country. He continues to post disturbing inflammatory posts on his face book wall from his hiding hall.

In one of his controversial FB posts he wrote: "we are ready to hoist our new flag, unveil new coat of arms and national anthem as we prepare to lead the new independent state. We will assemble a 30 000 strong defense force that would include the ground force and 10 percent of that being the air force, 10 000 Matabeleland police force and 3000 Correctional service"

You are not dreaming! The chief tribalist, Paul Siwela is creating a state within a state. This does not sound like a frightened fugitive in hiding it sounds more like a serious anarchist who is busy plotting to cause chaos in the country.

Paul Siwela is leading a misguided group of Ndebeles which calls for Zimbabwe to be sliced into two equal pieces based on tribal lines. Gukuahundi is used as a trump card by these divisive elements. Surprisingly both gukurahundi and the so called Mthwakazi state are proven myths, but the lies spread by Paul Siwela and his little known side kick Israel Dube are slowly but surely gaining traction in Matabeleland. This is evidenced by young people in Matabeleland forming tribal groups to chase Shona teachers out of Matabeleland schools.

According to our new constitution, Zimbabwe is a unitary state and secession is illegal. Justice fugitives like Paul Siwela should be kept in check. He has a potential to throw the country into political instability.

Paul Siwela is a bitter rebel wihout a cause. The misplaced Mthwakazi agenda must not be allowed to see light of the day in our diverse unitary state. One Zimbabwe one country!

The last time I checked, Ngome in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa where the likes of Siwela originate, was still a forest and unoccupied. Instead of causing strife and political instability in Zimbabwe they should go back and till that land.

Concerned Zimbabwean

Tendai Chinembiri


Source - Tendai Chinembiri
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