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Zapu Bulawayo Province Applauds Democratic Parties Statement On Labour

05 May 2016 at 17:19hrs | Views
Zapu's Bulawayo province applauds the joint statement of Democratic political Parties on Labour Day. It is an inspiration indeed to see this big effort to bring together the people of this country especially the workers whose so called representatives in the past have abandoned them. We are also enthused by their very accurate identification of the root cause of the current predicament of Zimbabwean workers.

Responding to calls for a united approach by all those who are genuinely affected by the economic meltdown in our country is a noble act of bravery, political maturity and a very deep level of patriotism. We know that while the majority of Zimbabweans are suffering beyond description, there are a few who live in the maximum of their luxury. While the parties talk of the near total absence of medical services nationwide those with the political power get all the medical attention they need or want outside the country.  It is clear that many politicians in our country shed crocodile tears over the plight of the impoverished majority.  Many are just fattening their pockets with whatever money from wherever. They seem to enjoy seeing the masses suffer. Some have the guts to force the peasants to walk tens of kilometres to their meetings to which they themselves are driven in huge luxurious cars. They employ people and never pay them for years but shamelessly call them "comrades" in public rallies.

It is time for workers now to hasten to the voice of reason and respond to the call for a national and united struggle to emancipate ourselves from this repression. Words of concern no longer mean anything. It has to be action. Seeking for individual political glories at the expense of the people must now be rejected. It is only the unity of purpose that will see Zimbabweans getting a genuine change.

We observe with amazement though the little space offered by the press to this collective effort by the Democratic Parties. We understand however, given the polarization of the press in our country. We urge Zimbabweans to be weary of unproductive political dogma that is being preached by certain rapacious politicians and individuals. Some arguments against a collective stance against Zanupf by opposition parties are fast becoming irrelevant.  It is only when we as a people mobilize our collective efforts that we can confront the regime.

Source - Mkhululi Zulu - Zapu Provincial Secretary for Information And Publicity Bulawayo
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