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Donald Trump seem to be undeterred in his self destructive mode

24 May 2016 at 20:13hrs | Views
We are living in a Global Village where its imperative for nations to extend an olive branch to all and sundry with regards to political, economic, social and even military issues.The cooperation in this regard has to be done within the rubric of reciprocity. No nation can thrive in isolation and one wonders if the schizophrenic Donald Trump is an advocate of an isolated America. The narcissistic demagogue Donald Trump seem to be undeterred in his self destructive mode.

Donald Trump is  the presumptive Republican Party Presidential nominee and a microscopic scrutiny of what he stands for is necessary at this juncture. Other Republican aspiring candidates like Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush have fallen by the wayside. Hillary Clinton has been calling out Donald Trump for his zealotry, hateful,  divisive rhetoric since the very beginning of this campaign.

In a bid to combat ISIS Donald Trump has called for a complete ban of all Muslims from entering the American nation. He would also "bomb the hell out of ISIS," and if that doesn't  work, he would go after the wives and children of Islamic State fighters thereby  ordering the U.S. military to use torture or deliberately target civilians.Trump has thus been viewed as a misogynist by his stance on muslim women and his anti- abortion stance. This "plan" to contain ISIS shows how woefully unprepared Trump is to handle the threat of terrorism and ISIS. For all intents and purpose that will be a knee-jerk reaction to the threat of terrorism. One wonders if that will be a silver bullet to the global menace of terrorism. Such ill-advised innuendos do reflect Donald Trump inadequate understanding of terrorism and potray him as a run off the mill politician.  

Utterances by Trump are irresponsibly  inflammatory and have opened a pandora's box in the international arena if the recent agregious terrorist acts are to go  by. Donald Trump is an advocate of islamophobia and his stance on Muslims reflects an eloquent illustration of the fulfillment of Francis Fukuyama's thesis of Clash of Civilisation.

It's no coincidence that his incendiary words have led to so much hateful action.Donald Trump reckless outbursts flies in the face of efforts being made by Obama in the Middle East and the Islamic community with regards to Nuclear proliferation.

The GOP front-runner is wildly uninformed when it comes to foreign policy.His proposals when it comes to dealing with immigrants and refugees have potrayed him as xenophobic and racist.His calls for the construction of a Wall to stop Mexican immigrants have been met with contempt.However, he is anti-Iran deal and pro-Israel and has castigated what he consider to be bad blood between US President Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin of Russia which is  why some pundits have   argued that he intends to usher in a New World Order.

Donald Trump has dilly-dallied on several issues and his campaign has been replete with fascist undertones.Trump is one such loose cannon that needs serious handholding. Donald Trump's  venomous verbiage against Muslims, Africans, Afro-Americans,immigrants and women raises eyebrows of even a disinterested bystander.Typical of an unrepentent bigot, he has spewed vitriol to anyone without fear of opprobrium and needlesss to its antithetical to vociferous calls and efforts for peace and harmony in the entire globe.

Trump excoriated the US Supreme Court for legalising same-sex marriage because he believes the decision should have been made at a state level. The real estate developer thus hinted that he is not pro- gayism and lesbianism.

On nuclear proliferation, he has said Japan and South Korea should not rely on the US so much and would benefit from having their own weapons.In International Relations parlance Nuclear Deterrence or Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)is a military stalemate,the basic premise being that each side has so many nuclear weapons in its arsenal, that strike/counter strike would destroy both combatants and that can preserve peace unlike in a Unipolar world  where ''massive retaliation'' can be an unfortunate eventuality and in this case Trump can be credited.

In the light of the scourge of Terrorism threatening to tear America asunder, Donald Trump has resorted to manufacturing a Rally 'Round the Flag Effect, which is the propensity for the American public to put aside political differences and support the President during international crises. Rally 'Round  the  Flag  effect occurs when political  leaders  assume  the  victim  mantle  and depict  any  other  foreign threat ''real'' or ''imaginery''  as  an  onslaught  on  the  country  which everyone  across  the  political divide  has  to  resist  with zeal  and gusto. Though  being  villains  here  and there  the leaders portray  themselves as victims.

There exists a school  of  thought  which  suggest  that when  Uhuru  Kenyatta  faced  the  International Criminal  Court (ICC) indictment  prior  to  the Kenyan  Election  he  employed  the  rally 'round the  flag  strategy  and  rallied  the  nation  behind him  accusing  the  ICC of meddling  in  the internal  affairs  of  Kenya. The  same  applies to  Robert  Mugabe  of  Zimbabwe, the  exists a school  of  thought  which  suggest  that  his supporters  are  victims  of  this  strategy  as  they  view the sanctions as imperialistic shenanigans hell bent  on  subtly  effecting  a  regime  change and  establish  political  jurisdictions  congenial  to western  investors. The  masses  are  bombarded with relentless rhetoric that  that the  US and the West want a political party  that panders  to its  hegemonic  whims  and  caprices therefore  the  masses  have  a  moral  obligation to  jealously guard their  sovereignty  and territorial  integrity.The Rally 'round the Flag effect makes the public close ranks and inflame the patriotic consciousness.

Wilton Nyasha Machimbira is a Political Scientist.For feedback and comments can be contacted on

Source - Wilton Nyasha Machimbira
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