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POEM: Africa, our land

25 May 2016 at 15:27hrs | Views
A land of peace loving and united people,
Who live in places of sands and arable areas,
And have been discriminated by the white world,
This being that their skin is inferior as they say,
Thus they have and will always want to exploit them,

Exploit them to benefit from their resources,
They were burnt alive or thrown into a can of acid,
If they resisted to be exploited for what is theirs,
Now that depleted and every nation freed,
From the tyranny of outsiders, and there
now arise Afrophobia from our madness,

Brothers killing their fellow brothers,
Blaming them for their own poverty and unemployment,
For their ill-education that they can't recite A,B,C,D,
That they dehumanise themselves,
To inflict pain and unleash terror to their parents,
Accusing them of enjoying what belongs to them,

In this land of our own,together with them,
We need to be united and claim our Uhuru,
This time against our own senses and actions,
For our land is of peace,unity and stability,
Where love in the morning shines like a sun and at night rules,
Rather than aggression and humility,

Cry my beloved Africa for nature is listening,
Birds of the same feathers whistling,
Tears of sorrow rolling in the face of stones,
For thee my beloved you were freed from captivity of the external enemy,

Yet you have reared like chickens power hungry thugs,
Oppressors of everything that breathes,
For the sake of power, yet songs will never stop playing,
Of wailing booty women dancing with vigour,
Ooh! Africa my friend forever.

Wilson Chipangura is an 18 years old passionate author.
This poem was extracted from his book THE RETURN FROM EXILE Poems & Other Stories which is due for publish anytime soon.
He can be contacted via email:  or
Follow at:
For more about the book and some of its contents.

Source - Wilson Chipangura
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