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Zimbabwe's Coalition of Democrats will win 2018 elections

06 Jun 2016 at 23:19hrs | Views
It has always been our wish to see the Zimbabwean Opposition burying their egos,differences and greediness for a better and united Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is in a serious governance crisis and it may continue if nothing has been done to kick Robert Mugabe and Zanu pf out of power.

I would like to congratulate the genuine  parties involved in the Coalition of Democrats CODE for a job well done.

We have seen retrogressive forces like cde Charlton Hwende a known anti development internet fool  battling to wrestle Obert Gutu's  post in the MDCT  trying to dismiss the impact and efforts of the people who gathered in Harare to append their signatures on the historic document.

There is a group of opposition comrades who believe that there will never be anything meaningful if it does not involve Morgan Richard Tsvangirai the ailing president of the MDCT.
Zimbabwe is bigger than individuals like Robert Mugabe,Morgan Tsvangirai,Joice Mujuru or Welshman Ncube

It has been brought to our attention as news consumers that Morgan Tsvangirai is keen to participate in the Coalition of Democrats though noone is desperate for him.

People like Nathaniel Manheru have come out guns blazing trying to discredit the bold move and the long awaited initiative that will shake Robert Mugabe in 2018.  Douglas Mwonzora a former Abel Muzorewa loyalist and bootlicker has been shuttling between MDCT headquarters and various newsrooms shamelessly  lying about Code and over valuing himself as if he has any value at all.

The mdct was invited to the CODE signing ceremony and all was done through Douglas Mwonzora who today want the nation to think that water is black,he is the only divisive fool from the East and i am not aware of any other.

If they are not interested they should keep away and watch from the terraces because with or without Morgan Tsvangirai and the mdct CODE will never collapse or concentrate on sentiments of some jealous characters pretending to be supporting  and working with or for Mr Tsvangirai.

Some characters in the mdct are out in full force misleading and discrediting Morgan Tsvangirai over the idea of a coalition.

As Zimbabweans advocating for Mugabe ouster we sympathise with Mr Tsvangirai and and honestly wish him a speedy recovery.

I travelled 450 kilometres to Harare to witness the signing ceremony of the coalition deal and i have a  sincere dream to see Zimbabweans coming together to challenge Robert Mugabe who has been in office for 36 years.

Unfortunately i will not be comfortable working with lacoste,G40 or Zanu pf 2 calling itself People first.

Zanu pf,CIO agents and some jealous internet activists and analysts will not stop code which has the blessings of some of the most powerfull people in the world.
The involvement of Professor Welshman Ncube,Dr Simba Makoni,Elton Mangoma,Tendai Biti,Dr Dumiso Dabengwa,Professor Lovemore Madhuku in CODE has boosted our confidence as advocates of political change in Zimbabwe.

We are ready to support and vote for code and if there is anyone thinking that we will listen to jealousy utterances that person will be shocked.

We are very much aware of the disruptive initiatives that have been lined by some political criminals who are against CODE and all is being done  to divide the opposition but it will never work.

It is unfortunate that the spirit of Morrison Nyathi is being seen in Joice Mujuru,Didymus Mutasa and Dzikamai Mavhaire from rural Masvingo who thinks can fish or swallow strong individuals from CODE member parties to build a new Zanu pf they are calling or they would want to call People first.

We are aware of the antics and tactics employed by Mujuru  to weaken the real opposition.

Its quite shocking to see a political reject like Dzikamai Mavhaire using cheap tactics to destroy or confuse the electorate.

By Mavhaire i mean that former Energy Minister who was fired at the middle of the night by Mugabe after selling out and conniving with Mutezo to loot $50000 from ZESA for Mugabe's birthday bash.He is the same Mavhaire who at 73 years has many young children in nappies across the motherland sired with different women who are claiming maintenance today.
If statements that appeared in the Newsday on the code signing day are proven to be those of Gorden Moyo i will be shocked.
We shall proceed through the amber robot with caution if indeed sentiments being attributed to Gorden are his.

People first should shut up now because their agenda is now very clear and only fools will leave their respective political parties to join Joice Mujuru.

I was personally impressed at the code signing ceremony by this guy called Professor Welshman Ncube  the current president of the Movement for Democratic change that has survived several storms since the split in 2005 and People's Democratic Party President Tendai Biti for showing serious commitment to the idea of a coalition in 2018.

Prof Ncube and Mr Biti's responses to media questions were exceptionally excellent and inspiring.

Those speculating lies about numbers and trying to portray a numberless arrangement should be ashamed of the losing battle that they are fighting because the people of Zimbabwe will never listen to such selfish and jealous  characters.

This is the first step towards building an inclusive coalition in Zimbabwe and Morgan Tsvangirai has an opportunity to work with others if statements at the signing ceremony are anything to go by.

We will stand by those in the coalition not the so called big brothers and stupid big sisters masquerading as democrats.

Those criticising  CODE or talking trash because Tsvangirai was not involved in the first stage are misguided.

There are so many parties involved with or without people and and it is the requirements and other circumstances that will separate real men from opportunists.

My advice to all coalition partners is to avoid overloading the tractor with junk and opportunists as is the case with NERA.

They should immediately go through a screening process once everybody who claims to be leading a political party is at the assembly point.

We want a credible coalition made up credible people not street opportunists looking for a job who are hiding behind the name of a non existing political party.

My advice to small or minute political parties is for them to swallow their pride and join existing parties such as PDP,MDC,RDZ or MDCT instead of calling themselves "President" when they do not have a single dog behind them.

Real players should be picked and announced on the actual day of play because there are some parties that are currently double dipping in search of opportunities who are in both NERA and CODE.

It shows lack of principle and direction on the part of those parties that can join any party even when fronted by Satan.Those already on the stage should not dream of anything yet because the screening will be done by the electorate not their friends in the coalition.

The only good thing about those on the stage is their commitment to the idea.
It is us the ordinary voters in all spheres who have been urging people like Tendai Biti,Welshman Ncube,Morgan Tsvangirai,Elton Mangoma and Simba Makoni to swallow their pride and gang up against Mugabe's rotten government.

We are now happy because we now have a resemblance of  a coalition and there is talking of having everybody on the stage.

It is my prayer that the good Lord oversees the progress of this very important Zimbabwean project.

Some of us in the terraces fed up with the clueless Mugabe regime are looking forward to the success of this arrangement.

Gugugu Magorira <

Source - Gugugu Magorira
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