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Collective Consciousness will remove Mugabe in 24Hrs on August 25 2016

18 Jun 2016 at 07:55hrs | Views
Consciousness means being aware of and responding to one's surroundings. Some Academics spend their lives trying to find out why we, the human species, are here on Earth? Why are we muscularly weaker than lions but at the same time able to lock up lions in the Zoo and dominate the land ourselves? How did Cecil John Rhodes, with only 480 troopers, capture and enslave Matabeleland and Mashonaland inhibited by more than 4 million people? What is power? Where does power come from?

Consciousness is the realisation that our grandmothers cleverly taught us that a muscularly weak insect persuaded elephant to sleep, and insect penetrated the elephants trunk causing the massive animal to slam his trunk on a tree until death.

We were getting a PhD Degree when Grandmothers taught us that weak Rabbit created a game where Baboon had to tie all other Baboons on a tree and tie himself last at the creative instruction of Rabbit, while Rabbit ate all the meal for the party with his friends. This is the PhD page that we take for granted but it bears the exact methodology that President Mugabe used, to end up eating the party meal alone with his wife Marujata and children and Son's In laws and brothers to Son In Law.

Rugare Gumbo, Joyce Mujuru, Dydimus Mutasa, spent their lives tying all the Baboons, who are us, with a rope. Gukurahundi, Vote rigging, Corruption, Rape, Murder, abductions, imprisonments, job dismissal, property seizure, nepotistic tenders, botched projects, ghost workers, farm invasions.

Baboon like me, Jabulani Sibanda is feared in Zaka. He spent most of his life tying other Baboons on trees telling them tha Zaka must be a one party region where MDC should not make inrods. Lastly, Rabbit Mugabe instructed Baboon Jabulani to tie himself on a tree. Once Jabulani was secure on a tree, Mugabe and his wife Marujata employed other Baboons who are keen to be uplifted as Jabulani Sibanda was. While on tight ropes, Jabulani, my fellow Baboon started to notice that he was indeed a Baboon who over associated with Rabbit. Sibanda started preaching to us how Sexually Transmitted Political Power works.

Baboon Mutswangwa, upon being elevated by Magabe to secure the Sexually Transmition Hideout, blew the whistle louder. The rules for earning supper are that the Baboon on the scope has to be as effective enough to cause absolute ruin to other Baboons. The Baboon on scope is ALWAYS unconscious of the Rabbits old logic. Rabbit uses Baboons every year for 36 years if not 51. Whether its Josiah Tongogara, Edgar Tekere, Maurice Nyagumbo, Enos Nkala, Edison Zvobgo, Joyce Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo or Dydimus Mutasa. They spent their lives tying Baboons who are you and me. They silenced us and forced us to agree that Mugabe is god. Some of us were young at Independence and we had these Baboons culturing us to culture our children to be submissive to a corrupt Rabbit they knew very well.

Taking our intuition, our children joined the Police Force expecting to strengthen the Rule of Law and make this country a democratic successful state. Little did our children know that they were holding the AK 47 tight only to strengthen Mugabe and Marujata to fly to Singapore at will. They serve to strengthen Mugabe and Marujata to dish $200 Million tenders to their Son In Law's brother while Dydimus Mutasa's lips are now cracking with malnutrition.

The only closest Baboon left, from all the Baboons from 1975, is Mnangagwa. Marujata humiliates Mnangagwa everyday even now. Mugabe and Marujata are now using the small Baboons who are our children, to tie the Rugare Gumbo generation of spent Baboons.

In 1986, the Dydimus Mutasa generation of Baboons forced us to teach our children that nothing is better than Mugabe. During that year, our wives were carrying our new born Born-Free sons and daughters. In fear of Mutasa, Nkala and Mujuru, we taught our children that nothing is better than Mugabe. These children held that to heart, grew up with it, joined the Army and the Police to defend Mugabe as we had taught them. These are the Million men march Mugabe defenders that we saw recently. Take a look at their skin health, they are heavily malnourished. They have never known a full standard meal during their life time. If you promise them bus fare, Coca-Cola and half bread, they will do what ever you want even killing. They are mentally deficient and dangerous and have no capability to reason. If they see Beyonce on television, they have no capability to envision themselves transforming political sphere right here in Zimbabwe to get the quality of life that Beyonce have. They believe Beyonce is American and I am African thus why I am like this.

The Born-Free who back Mugabe have no capability to look at the skin texture of Zahara, and ask themselves why a Zimbabwean has to look like Sandra Ndebele.

Failure to respond to ones surroundings is called lack of consciousness!!!

Rabbit does not like consciousness. Rabbit knows that consciousness is more powerful than an Atomic Bomb. By the way, an Atomic Bomb has only been used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 1945. Since then, all humanity found out the fact that if this weapon is used again, it will be the end of all living things on planet Earth. Consciousness made the level of aggression to neutralise. It is consciousness which beat the Atomic bomb.

Consciousness is the very first tool any intelligent human being must master first before anything. It is dangerous to fail to respond to one's environment. And yet, this is the major quality Zimbabweans lack. In South Africa 1950, Steve Biko came with a theory of Black Consciousness. The apartheid Rabbit had identified Baboons to tie Baboons so that the White Rabbit and his friends would enjoy life. A Rhodesian Secondary School called Milton High School located in Bulawayo produced the architect of apartheid Hendrik Verwoerd. This Rabbit wrote and used a thesis to divide the sleeping Baboons grading Zulus in one area, Sotho, one side, Xhosa, oneside, Indians, oneside, Baca, oneside. When they had been divided, he planted a few Baboons to tie the rest of the group. Black consciousness failed to take effect quickly because Baboons had been divided and were incapable to ORGINISE AND REASON together. The astute ANC quarantined the Baboon mentality and conscientised South Africans that the differences between the Zulu and Xhosa were artificial in any form of reality.

In 1980, Mugabe clearly divided the Ndebele as Dissidents and made the likes of Mujuru to feel hierarchical. By 1989, Tekere had noticed that in actual terms, Mugabe was playing Rabbit with the people of Zimbabwe. In his remorse, after noticing that he had been used by Zanu to undermine the Ndebele for Mugabe's personal enjoyment, Tekere rented his ZUM Party Offices in Bulawayo 1989. The people of Zimbabwe, who knew that Tekere had hunted and killed Ndebeles since 1962 in Gweru to form Zanu, joined ZUM in Bulawayo.

At that time, Morgan Tsvangirai, in his own words, could kill for Mugabe. By 1998, Tsvangirai saw what the Ndebele had about the real Mugabe. At that time, Mujuru, Gumbo and Mutasa were still tying Zimbabweans on trees forcing them to say that Mugabe was god. Mutasa still has murder cases standing today where, in one case, an MDC activists's then twelve year old son Christpowers Maisiri was burnt to death. Just translate it this way, if somebody burnt Bona Mugabe to death, how would Mugabe feel. In the same context, think about Itai Dzamara. If someone abducted Bona Mugabe, how many nights would Mugabe sleep in his mention as a happy, free human being in a liberated Zimbabwe which does not need change of leadership?

Tsvangirai's party was infiltrated by Baboons who are confessing today. Rigging happened in 2008 and the Baboons who were killing for Mugabe today are watching Mugabe's Son in Law's brother walk out with a 200 Million contract. All the aging War Veterans come dehydrated asking to be given $200 by Mugabe while Simba Chikore's brother single handendly takes $200 million. If Simba's brother can take $200 Million, how much more Simba himself? How much more Bona ant the little brothers. What does Tongogara's family get? What does Mutasa's son in Law get? What does Dabengwa's child get? What does jabulani Sibanda's son in Law get? Whose Zimbabwe is this? Why am I here? What can I do differently? Where is my Consciousness as an individual? Where is our collective Consciousness as Nation?

Does this not bring Consciousness to a Police Officer who survives by bribery but still defend those who tie us? Does this bring Consciousness to a poor soldier who is ready to pull a trigger against a Zimbabwean who wants his share of $200 million like Simba's brother? Is someone Conscious enough to remember the Marange Diamond? Is anyone Conscious enough to remember our missing $15 Billion? Is anybody Conscious enough to notice that we need to create Collective Consciousness? Is anyone Conscious enough that even if you were a millionaire in Zimbabwe, you have no hospitals? Are we collectively Conscious to notice that our infrastructure is dilapidated?

Who is going to synergise our Consciousness to see things together and act collectively? Is it opposition parties who are nucleating everyday? Can opposition parties, who have been cultured by Mugabe to see things in Shona and Ndebele, unite to collectively effect a Paradigm Shift?

If opposition parties have failed for thirty years, to remove crooks who tie us on ropes for 40 years until they have son in laws, who then is capable to unite us?

Who can unite someone in Zanu, Someone in MDC, Someone in Zapu, Someone in ZRP, Someone in ZNA, Someone in MLP and Conscientise us to move out of Mugabe's craft of divisiveness, and effect change that is good for us?

If Mugabe failed us in 1986, was he capable to save us in 1998? Ok, let's say we are nice people, or let's say it was because of Ian Smith, or Gayigusu, or ESSAP? What can we say about 2003? Did Mugabe fail Zimbabwe because of War Vets payout, or White Farmers? Or Morgan Tsvangirai, or Tony Blair? Or George Bush Sanctions?

Have we still have a brain? Do we lack consciousness?

Lets look at 2016 now that we are complaining about $15 Billion, Chikores $200 Million etc. Could Zimbabwe be getting worse because Joyce Mujuru stripped for young Nigerian guys, preparing frogs to take Mugabe's life? Is it because, maybe, that Mutasa is incorrigible? Is it that Gumbo gives biased anti-President report? Is it because Mtwakazi People are causing disunity in Zimbabwe? Is it because the West stole our Zimdollar? Is it because Jabulani Sibanda wants to talk like the President, is it because Mnangagwa has more than a thousand documented girlfriends whose contact numbers are in Marujata's computer?

Or is it because we are unconscious?

Could we be individually conscious about all these things but due to a culture of tribe and parties we cannot work together?

Is collective consciousness impossible to create in Zimbabwe?

Would we rather deteriorate to levels worse than 2008, than create collective consciousness and get Mugabe out on the 25th of August 2016?

 Can ZRP and ZNA see that if they wont point a gun at fellow countrymen, by October, they will be earning more than $1 400.00 each? Can Zimbabweans see that if they will drop all forms of divisions, in party and tribe which was formed by Mugabe in 1962, we could make a historical take over of our country on the 25th of August 2016

You have sixty days to prepare to march to Mugabe's Blue Roof Residence on the 15th of Agust 2016. Nine Million Zimbabweans must much to Mugabe's residence and humble him and his Marujata, at allocate them a humble three bedroom house in Mambo Gweru.

August the 25th 2016, will be known in World History, as a day Zimbabweans became collectively conscious about their environment, and claimed back their wealthy country.

Source - Rakanga Danble
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