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A Dose Of Motivation From The Motivator - Is It 'd' or 'p'?

26 Jun 2016 at 19:27hrs | Views
 (Warning , the following message may change your life)

Sometime ago at a certain seminar, I asked two  man to stand on the opposite side of a small table.

I placed a certain letter of the alphabet on the table and asked the two men what the name of the alphabet was.

The first one said the letter was 'P' but the other men said the letter was 'd'.

I asked the other men to move from the opposite and stand on the same side with the other man. I then asked again this man who had said the letter is 'd' after shifting to the other side and he said. 'Oh yeah, its now 'p' and not 'd'.

The problem is not the 'letter', its all about where we are standing.

Different views and conflicts are often caused by where we stand, how we were raised or taught over the years.

The best way is for us to go on the other side of the table and understand why someone is thinking that way or seeing things that way, before we can persuade them to see things the way we do.   

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