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Dumiso Dabengwa give us arms of war and we should do the rest

30 Jun 2016 at 08:50hrs | Views

As the youth of Matebeland we would like thank Cde Dumiso Dabengwa for his inspiring speech at Hilbrow Theatre on the 25th of June 2016 in Johannesburg SA.We thank you once again for taking your precious time and resources to travel all the way from Zimbabwe to SA to be with your people to watch a play 'Uloyiko' which exposes evil operations of Gukurahundi.We hope you will now attend the Gukurahundi events back home in Matebeland like Gukurahundi Memorial Service organised annually by Ibhetshu Lika Zulu.

In your inspiring speech on the said day, you mentioned something very motivating especially to us the youth. You at your youth age you didn't runaway from the problems but you took up arms and fought the oppressive rule of Rhodesia.

The message was loud and clear. We heard you very clear what you meant. However your message seemed to suggest that we are cowards of which we are not. We understand that it's difficult to for us to prove that we are not cowards. To prove and to make things simple and in order to separate truth from political rhetoric we suggest that you use your Russian contacts and connections to source arms on our behalf or you recommend us to them and leave the rest to us. If you successful do that of which we trust you can do with much ease, then you will be in a position to judge if we are cowards or not.

We thank you once again for your valuable opinion and thank you in advance for organizing arms for us.We say this because during your presentation, you didn't mense your words which left everybody present with no doubt that The Black Russian is back at what he knows better. I mean when you delivering your "very inspiring" speech it became clear to everyone that you are no longer happy about what is currently happening in your motherland i.e. Mthwakazi.

Before we go any further we thinkwe should make this known to you As youth of Matebeland we are not prepared to make a repetition of mistakes that were made by your generation of which you yourself you have now realized hence you want it corrected.

We appreciate every effort and your participation in the struggle that removed the Rhodesian oppressive minority rule. This is the same war that ushered in Shona majority rule which has proven worse than the later.

Under Shona majority rule that promotes superiority of Shona tribes over ours (Mthwakazi) As a result Matebeland has experienced the most ever genocide in the world. We still also surrendering segregation, domination and marginalization.

In other words we are not prepared to waste our precious blood, energy and time helping shonas to remove "Hero in destruction" Mugabe, or to support any political parties from (Zimbabwe)Mashonaland.

So the arms which we trust you will source on our behalf, will be used wisely this time, i.e. to liberate and defend ourselves against this Gukurahundist Zimbabwean government.

The time is now,and it has presented itself. There's nothing to hide anymore. We want out of this failed state.

Lastly we would like to commend you for coming open in supporting the Mthwakazi cause. We say rise and shine "Commander" like you did during the liberation struggle for the independence of Zimbabwe. DD as you are affactenately known, we: this is your time to everyone and even the whole world that you are The Real Black Russian.

Forward Ever ---Backwards never
Khohliso Maqhoba, (writing in his capacity) khohlijam <

Source - Khohliso Maqhoba
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