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F**k Mugabe a necessary dopamine pill for 25/08/16 Freedom Day

30 Jun 2016 at 19:13hrs | Views

Zimbabweans are angry!!! They have now become fearless!!! And Freedom is ripe and ready for dishing on the 25th of August 2016. On this day, the pompous President will wake up a bit alerted. He may even think of taking a trip to Singapore a week before the 25th of August to secure his loot.

Acie Lumumba has become the first of Zimbabweans to call the President to attention and ask him to listen and deliver the expression of anger "F…k You!!!" This is a Zimbabwean who was born eight years after Mugabe had become President and spent all his life supporting Mugabe. Acie is a born free who was not at any Zanu-PF Pungwes where Zanla guerrillas like Shelton Chidoro were teaching us that a Zanu Government would prosper every Zimbabwean.

"Mr President, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, F…k You!!!", declared a born free who has freedom of expression. Lumumba is a born free who has never seen Gukurahundi. Lumumba was not there in 1977 to 80, when Mugabe's guerrillas killed 70 000 Shona villagers especially in the Midlands Karanga areas. Lumumba was not born when the Karanga old villagers were being burnt in melted plastic the whole night through as a way of torture.

It does not matter whether Lumumba was born in 1921 or 1988 or even 2016, Mugabe cares for no one. Those who used to burn Karanga villagers using plastic are now being burnt alive by Mugabe. An old saying that if you harbour a criminal and think that you are being patriotic, you will one day donate your neck to the same criminal's machete. Solomon Mujuru died in a roast like Gukurahundi victims of 1983 and Karanga villagers of 1977. Joyce Mujuru will die in a horrific accident unless she kills first. Mnangagwa will be stoned to death. Mutasa and Gumbo will die a slow death like Edga Tekere, Nkala and Tsvangirai.

It is a choice. You either devote yourself and dedicate the 25th of August as the Day you and every Zimbabwean pushed Mugabe out of our State house, or die by polonium poison or die on the bank queue or die trying to go to South Africa or just die of hunger.

"An Oppressor cannot find solution for the freedom of the oppressed, but rather, it is the oppressed who must stand up and fight and deliver themselves from the shambles of oppression."   These are the words of Martin Luther King. Zimbabweans have spent 36 years expecting oppressor Mugabe to free them from Zanu Cyclic Oppression. Zimbabweans have spent 36 years believing that Mugabe  the leader of corruption will deliver them from the vestiges of corruption.

For 36 years, Zimbabweans have refused to unite, organise and occupy the State house believing that Mugabe would create employment for youth.

For 36 years, Zimbabweans have been cheated into sleep mood while Mugabe was looting our resources to strengthen his personal wealth, personal health, personal housing, personal bank account, his family, his pension, inheritance for his children, insurance for his wife, his holiday need, his job guarantee, and all which is closer to his heart.

If a young man, who was born in 1988, has so much been pissed off to end up telling the nonagenarian to F…k off, it means time is now ripe. F..k You Mugabe are the Lumumba words vital to fuel the dopamine that is needed on the Fearless Liberation Day of Final Take over Protests on the 25th of August 2016.

Pamberi Nekushinga,
Pansi leNthutwane
Aluta Continua!!!
Phambili ngoMtlampunzi
Pasi neVapambepfumi vanonyepa
Down with Cowards
Phambili ngokuvulum'phimbo
Pasi nevakanyarara

Down with fools who are recycled by corrupt Mugabe.

We are waiting for someone else to repeat the expression of anger that the Born Frees are teaching us. Silence is not Golden if you are dealing with the likes of Mugabe. You end up dying on the Bank Queue.

Get ready for Dopamine Day of Freedom on 25 August 2016.

Rakanga Danble <

Source - Rakanga Danble
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