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Mzila Ndlovu needs advice, treatment

01 Jul 2016 at 10:51hrs | Views

Reference is made to recent divisive statements made by self proclaimed regionalist Moses Mzila Ndlovu (Bukalanga Party President) who was recently quoted saying'' Every Shona guilty of Gukurahundi".
Its very sad to know that Mzila who had all my respect has seen it fit and necessary to embark on an evil crusade to criminalize all shona people in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans should not allow themselves to be divided by such secessionists like him who are too greedy for power and not even ashamed of uttering such statements.

Mzila in my view is offside and should be advised not to behave like a kid or  think that his proposed Bukalanga people's party will advance the interests of Matebeleland south.

We knew his intentions,we saw it coming and is not the only one thinking like that.We know the many chameleons in most opposition leaders who are working on a broad plan to divide pro-democracy forces who are on the verge of launching a bigger inclusive political project to restore sanity and decisively deal with those known to have committed acts of genocide in Matebeleland and Midlands province.

We will in the near future name the characters in the PDP,MDCT,MDC,Zimbabwe People First and Zanu pf who are hiding behind devolution yet they are secessionists at heart but scared to declare their satanic agenda for fear of sinking into political oblivion.

As citizens of this country we will not fall asleep on duty or get too excited with antics of those chameleons within us.

We are also aware of plans to disrupt the building of a broad opposition coalition by some individuals who are Christians during the day and satanists at night.

We are sick and tired of criminals who claim to be smart when they are working day and night to destroy people's projects in connivance with one female proportional representation MP for Matebeleland South who in the first place was not qualified to be in Parliament.

I mean this fool that has two totems and argues that anyone from any part of the country can be an MP in any province.Rubbish!!!.

Kusanyara,not even ashamed to say,'i visited Tsvangirai at night" why not during the day? we are watching all cdes,time shall come to spill the real "sweet". beans.

Can someone out there tell this 'small boy' Moses Mzila to direct his hate speech at Mnangagwa,Sidney Sekeramayi, Mugabe,Perence Shiri,Elleck Mashingaidze not all Shona speaking people.

What makes him think that he is the most qualified individual to smear Shona people?

Gugugu Magorira -

Source - Gugugu Magorira
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