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A Dose Of Motivation From The Motivator - 5 Life-Changing Lessons From The Prodigal Son

05 Jul 2016 at 06:56hrs | Views

 (Warning: The Following Message May Change Your Life)

Lesson 1.
Luke 15:11-31. The prodigal son asked his father to give him the portion of goods that belonged to him and went away to a far away country soon after being given his portion. That was an expensive mistake. It is dangerous to take your portion and then depart from the Father who gave you that portion of goods to you. The Father knows best how to keep your flock multiplying, he knows best how to manage your wealth in such a way that it will reproduce tremendously and be sustained. He has the experience and wisdom to keep your portion overflowing. It would be unfortunate for us to run with the blessing and disconnect from the Source. The moment we think we can take and manage our talents, gifts, dreams, finances and any portion of goods we received from the Father without Him who gave these to us, we are destined for doom. To remain producing at our highest peak in life and ministry, its important to remain connected to the One who gave us our portion. "He who abides in Me and I in him bears much fruit…….Apart from Me you can do nothing" (John15).

Lesson 2
The desire for independence should be kept under check. Often in life there comes a time when many people feel the need to leave very independently. Being independent is good but there has to be a balance and a limit if sustained growth is to be realized. It's good to be independent, to live free from unnecessary peer pressure and to make your own decisions pertaining to your destiny. However if we are to grow and improve, we need certain mature people or a father-figure to speak into our lives, to correct us, rebuke us and give us godly counsel. Many times there comes a desire in many of us to depart from the father and live independently where no one will correct us or tell us the real truth. We forget that the real truth is far much better than the best dressed lie. We seek to live amongst them who will not tell us when we are wrong. We depart from the counsel, correction and disciplining of the father so that we can do as we please, whatever they want, wherever and whenever we want, whilst telling the sons of man to "mind their own business!". Progress & realization of our dreams will happen when we are under the roof of our heavenly Father and under the counsel of mature mentors, leaders and fathers. Every time we yearn for independence we should examine our motives and think deeply about the long term consequences of our "total liberty".

Lesson 3

The prodigal son only returned to his senses after losing ALL that he had. That was unfortunate. Thankfully he had an understanding and loving dad who loved and accepted him unconditionally. But, it is wiser not to wait until you have spent/lost ALL that you have. Immediately when we realize that our lives are deteriorating, we should revise and renew our commitment to our Father. Many a times we wait until we have lost it ALL. We wait until we have lost our marriages, all our finances and all our given portions. Its never too late for God to restore us, but the truth is that he is much better, he who returns to the Father early, that the one who waits until he has lost it ALL!. "Come let us return to the Lord….He will heal us. (Hosea 6:1-3).

Lesson 4
The prodigal son's elder brother got angry when he realized that his father had slaughtered a big beast & organized a very big party to celebrate the return of his lost younger brother. He was frustrated saying that he had served faithfully and looked well after his father's wealth but the father had never slaughtered anything for him. Sounds like a reasonable complaint. But the father responded saying everything that his possessions actually belonged to him (complaining son) as well. The complaining son had the right to kill any beast of his choice anytime if we wanted. But the older son never knew this information. There was a lack of a bond, strong relationship and communication between the father and the son. The son remained ignorant of what he should have enjoyed all along. We need to constantly communicate with the Father, maintain a close relationship with Him, ask for a revelation of what He has in-store for us and our destiny, otherwise u will die having enjoyed only 0,3% of what God had actually prepared for u!

Lesson 5
The prodigal son said "I will ARISE and go back to my father". That word "ARISE" is very key. Many people fail to go back to the father after messing up because they fail to "ARISE". U need to arise above your pride/swallow your pride in order to face your abandoned father. You need to ARISE above shame and humiliation. You need to ARISE above critics and those who mock you saying you are finished, Can I preach here tonight??? ARISE and don't mind about your older brother who will laugh at your past when u go back to church and to God. ARISE above feelings of guilt, failure & self condemnation! Arise above all the pains of your past, looses and hurts. Come on somebody shout with me, "I WILL ARISE!' /

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