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Acie Lumumba, Stop blabbering, and Grow up!!

05 Jul 2016 at 13:32hrs | Views
There is a perfectly good reason why Heads of State should be at least 40years. This age group carries with it, stability, maturity and steadiness, consistency and serenity. These qualities make up a good leader, be it head of state, head of a party, head of an organisation or even a school head. These are not just qualities that one can possess; they are earned. Experience over the growing years teaches one to be ready for greater and more demanding situations. At 40 there is deepness in thought before acting; there is no trigger happiness going on there as taking advice and advising are what's prevailing at that age. Considering other people's feelings, wearing their shoes for a mile or so and feeling what they feel is a sign of wisdom. Nothing is impromptu, everything is laid down and revised and evaluated. None of these qualities listed above are in William Mutumanje aka Acie Lumumba. He comes short of everything that spells out a role model or trailblazer for the youths.

Acie Lumumba should develop a habit of matching his actions with words at all times, a person who says one thing and does something to the contrary is highly unstable, irresponsible and ought not to be trusted. Within the past couple of months the citizenry of this country has been sucked into frenzy "go deeper" messages from the self-acclaimed "repentant" politician. Acie, you have proven beyond doubt that you are a baby still suckling off your mother's breasts. If you are going to grow up into a well-seasoned politician then you need to replenish your brains with knowledge. You need to read between the lines and humble yourself so that you can be taught by those ahead of you. The stunt you pulled last week, at your Viva Zimbabwe press conference, was the last and final nail to your political try-outs. You have failed to inspire, motivate and gain the support of your targeted audience as people now know that you are not dependable, have no allegiances and that you are not concerned about anyone in your quandary to seek political relevance. You are not a good role model for the youths and definitely none in their sane mind would want to be associated with a person who says unprintable words in the public domain. You do not come close to president material, even of a simple cooperative let alone a nation such as this endowed with knowledgeable, peaceful, respectful and intelligent citizens.

Lumumba, Lumumba, Lumumba, remember when you point a finger four are actually pointing at you. So, for the "F" word that you let out in public directed to the Head of State, the word was multiplied four times back at you. Did you even stop to think about it? Newton's Law of Motion says "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". By saying the "F" word you totally un-robed yourself bare right in front of all those people who had come to hear words of wisdom only to leave with disgust because of your foolishness at the press conference. It was much ado about nothing. You embarrassed yourself Lumumba and reduced yourself to nothing as mention of the "F" flooded all those people with gross and disgusting pornographic pictures of yourself and yet they had come to hear sanity from you. What a flop. You seem to like the word Lumumba as seen in your gross despicable video where you tortured an ignorant girl and lied to yourself by saying "I am a youth and that is what youths do". Youths don't do that, only stupid ones do. Youths with a vision are focused, and motivated to do better, to be the role model for those that follow them. They strive to be better than yesterday. You, on the other hand Lumumba, Lumumba, Lumumba you are so unrepentant and ignorant of the fact that manners can make or mar one's personality.

Viva Zimbabwe is a political party with no roots and therefore it is doomed to fail. What were you launching Lumumba; congregating people so you can display such ignorance? Who is going to vote for you and be associated with you after the stint you pulled at the Ambassador Hotel. You are a rotten apple that needs to be discarded into the bins of political oblivion. When one stays with one clique for a long time, one gets familiarised with the acquaintances of that clique, and is able to discern what lacks in that group and then work toward correcting the wrongs and strengthening the rights thereby coming up with a perfect and reliable group of associates. A person that keeps changing his regular schedule causes a lot of insecurity and instability within himself and those he is associated with. That person is unable to acquire steady thoughts and thus cannot cultivate any true friendship or relationship. A rolling stone gathers no moss; no one of sane mind and with an ounce of self-respect would want to be associated with you.

Your actions Lumumba cannot go unpunished, if you are well read and a well knowledgeable person as you claim to be, then you have read section 33 (2) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, which makes any abusive, indecent or obscene statement about or concerning the President or an acting President, whether in respect of the President personally or the President's office, an offence punishable by the courts of law. Walking into a police station and supposedly "handing" yourself to the police does not make you a hero of sorts. In fact you were scared, like a little mouse, of the long hand of the law which is now catching up with you. Lumumba, Lumumba, Lumumba, you need to be put in your place, because experience has shown that neglecting to replace a nail in a horse's shoe may lead to losing a kingdom itself. Remember for want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost, for want of a horse the rider was lost, for want of a rider the battle was lost, for want of a battle the kingdom was lost, therefore it is necessary to take timely action because a small hole, if ignored, can sink a big ship. We can't let you go unchecked.

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