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A Dose Of Motivation From The Motivator - Motivational lessons I learnt from EURO2016

09 Jul 2016 at 07:23hrs | Views
1. Sell Messi's Ball For US$30000!
The ball which Lionel Messi kicked when he missed a penalty against Chile is being sold for US$30000 by a fan who picked it. That's sounds ridiculous but I love it. The truth is that someone will buy it for that amount or even more, you know how it is like overseas. That may be the last ball Messi ever kicked playing for his national team. Actually the fan who picked it said the ball is too valuable and keeping it at his home is now very risky! Whilst others are busy marveling at how he missed that penalty, what he should have done so as not to miss the penalty, criticizing and laughing at him for missing the penalty etc, simply grab the ball and sell it for US$30000 and leave them making useless arguments. There are opportunities all over around us, however most of us spend time focusing on the negative side and making non-productive talk, the wise see life changing opportunities out of nothing!

2. It Can Be Done Without Benzema! 
Benzema was seen as the most outstanding player for France, but because of his off-the-field scandal & lack of discipline, he was not included in the team. In his absence, the young player named Griezman shone so brightly and stole the spotlight throughout the competition. Don't ever be tempted to think that you are irreplaceable no matter how great you think you are. If you get too big headed, God will raise someone to take that position or responsibility in which you are now too comfortable in, and he/she may do it in a more excellent way.

3. You Can't Break Records In Public Without Breaking Your Legs In Private.
The coach of Wales national football team broke the record by being the first Wales coach to reach EURO2016 semifinals. Most people know this now, but few people know the challenges he has faced in his life including the fact that at the age of 32years he was forced to quit playing soccer after he broke his leg in a car crash on his way to training. There are so many private battles he fought and won before became a public icon. One of the mistakes common amongst humans is an attempt to break records in public before we have broken any leg in private. No public victories without private triumphs. No public glory, without private agony. No public slaying of Goliath before slaying of bears and lions in the bush. We often marvel at those who have broken records but we forget to ask them how many legs they broke on their way to the mountain top. The higher the PRIZE the higher the PRICE.  The greater the accomplishments, the greater the sacrifices.

4. Beware Of Free Beer Sponsorship.
I was shocked when I read that Budweister was offering free beer for everyone above the age of 18 in Wales following Wales' incredible 3 -1 victory over Belgium. This never happened at any time in history. Beware of Free Beer Sponsorship, the moment you get an incredible 3 – 1 victory over Belgium, you will be sponsored with free beer everywhere. The greater the glory you experience, the greater the temptations. If the Lord has been lifting you up of late, then behold Budweister is coming with free beer offers to distract you from reaching your full potential. Beware of some worthless free attractive offers that you will begin to get as you begin to be prominent after your remarkable victories over your ‘Belgiums'.

5. Penalty Misses By The Very Best.
During EURO2016 matches, the world's two best players missed some penalties, Ronaldo (against Austria), Messi (against Chile). The truth is that even the very best (leaders) will miss some penalties at one point or another. People (especially the media) become too excited whenever a prominent figure makes mistakes. They are human like us, why do we expect them to execute every penalty perfectly? Why do we expect them to be perfect?     "We seem so obligated to be shocked at other people's weaknesses, forgetting that all of us have got our own inconsistencies. I just wish that we could just be real." – T.D Jakes.

6.  The Bastia's Costly Penalty-Causing Mistake. 

Bastia Schwensteiger put his team at a disadvantage at the end of first half, the opposition team got a penalty and scored their confidence- building first goal. Bastia, who was making a lot of impact in the first half gradually ‘disappeared' in the match as the game went on. At the end he was taken out of the team because he wasn't making any meaningful contribution any more. Many times we don't perform well during the second half because we are still traumatized by the blunders and mistakes we made during our first half performance. You want to pray or worship God and the devil reminds you of the sins you committed last week and you grumble under feelings of guilt and self-condemnation and then find it pointless to continue praying or worshipping. You want to reach for new things but you feel worthless because of the blunders of yesterdays? You want to help your team to reach the finals but you are emotionally drained and stressed by the penalty you caused, which resulted in the rival team scoring. LET IT GO!

7. At Times It's Not The Big Problems Which Become A Big Problem
The Wales national team stunned many with its performance. A small nation with no previous outstanding performances became a thorn in the flesh to many teams and became the talking point of the tournament. Mtshana, have you ever realized that many times it's not the obvious big teams (big problems) which cause havocs in life, marriage or ministry; but it is those tinny unaddressed despised issues which destroy us. While you are busy thinking it's the famous national team of England or Argentina which will destroy you, the Wales national team steps in and slay you into pieces. Before of small problems, they are usually the biggest problems.


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