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A lot still need to be done in Mujuru party

12 Jul 2016 at 14:23hrs | Views
Show me your friend and I will tell you your character. After Madamme Joice Mujuru addressed a rally in Mucheke Stadium on Saturday the 9th of July, it dawned on me that she has a daunting task of proving to the masses that birds of different feathers can still flock together.

It also dawned on me that a lot still  need to be done in ZimPF in as far as organisational capacity and issues management is concerned. The masses turned up for the Rally to see if Madamme Joice Mujuru had indeed crossed the rubicon but honestly her speech was unimpressive. It was handicapped by poor oratory skills, it was lukewarm.

She sounded hesitant to nail the status quo and unwittingly gave signals to the masses that possibly she still hopes that one day she will return to ZANU-PF.  She sounded  like someone timidly afraid of being blackmailed. Someone afraid that if she lambast ZANU-PF her skeletons in the cupboard will be revealed.

Madamme Joice Mujuru and company  tend to be unaware that they are now in opposition politics. A different political terrain where you need to convince the people that you are better option. People are now apprehensive and very cautious. They now need a new a dispensation devoid of political charlatans and imposters. She failed to tackle the pertinent issues bedevilling the citizenry. She spoke of her dismissal from ZANU PF and sounded very bitter. Thats water under the bridge madamme, a good leader is dynamic and forward looking. Her ingnonimous defenestration was indeed a challenge which she now has to turn into a golden opportunity to redeem herself.

Zimbabweans have been caught on the crossroaad with the emergence of Joice Mujuru in oppositional politics. Many people wonder if she is really a game changer with the capacity to bring an end to binary politics in Zimbabwe that has MDC and  ZANUPF as the protagonists. After the rally it just dawned on me that Madamme Mujuru status as a political heavyweight is just a media creation. The problem with our media is that instead of being conveyors of the message, the media wants to set the agenda and be the progenitor of the message.

Indeed Madamme Joice Mujuru has a task of proving that birds of different feathers can still flock together. The Mucheke Rally was attended by ZimPF senior members namely Major Kudzanai Mbudzi, Colonnel Claudious Makova, Former Provincial Governor Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and the maverick Dzikamai Mavhaire. Former MDC-T MPs like Heya Shoko, Chirume and Chitando were also in attendance but it appeared like they were just ingratiating themselves with arrogant people who do not need them. As for the former ZANU-PF comrades in attendance most of them are riffraffs whose political CVs are blighted by cases of corruption and political violence. Their  names  do not inspire hopes for the future but rather dreams of the past. A mere mention of names like Colonel Makova can sent shivers down the spine of the electorate in Bikita and Nyika Constituencies in as much as some amongs us would say let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

The task ahead of Mujuru and ZimPF is to differentiate themselves from ZANU-PF. In as much as they might take this for granted even the songs they play at they Rallies should not remind people of ZANU-PF. Even the ushers and security personnel must be oriented and cease to be brusque and militant. People have been psychologically truamatised by ZANU-PF. The masses have endured excruciating pain in the hands of ZANU-PF. The should be a complete paradigm shift from ZANU-PF way of doing things.

We are in an environment where male chauvinism and patriarchal tendencies are stubbornly ingrained in the veins and arteries of Africans. Thats a political Goliath facing Dr Joice Mujuru and other females eying powerful positions be it in politics or the corporate world. They need to prove that they are indeed ladies of vallor and not an embodiment of mediocrity.

Androcracy is a form of government in which the government rulers are male. The males, especially fathers, have the central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and control of property. It is also sometimes called a phallocracy, phallocratic, andrarchy, or an androcentric society.

What's good for the goose is not always good for the gander. Only time will tell if Dr Mujuru will manage to dismantle the politics of phallocracy in Zimbabwe!!

Source - Wilton Nyasha Machimbira
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