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4 life-changing motivational lessons I learnt from Dynamos

12 Jul 2016 at 14:54hrs | Views
(Warning: The Following Message May Change Your Life)
Number 1: Recover From A Poor Start
Dynamos started the season on a bad note, but recovered well from those setbacks. Most of us had poor start in our lives. Instead of wishing you were born in those rich families in which children have got their own cars at the age of 18, we need to kick all excuses goodbye and make the most of our lives. If you are born poor it's not your fault, but if you die poor it's your fault. The world is full of people who recovered from terrible beginnings and ended up being some of the greatest people who ever lived. Recover from that abusive past, poor background and embarrassing history. You can always make marvelous comebacks from malicious setbacks.

Number2:  Do Not Fire LIoyd Mutasa
Many times in life we rush to jump the ship when things are not going in the direction we want. We change the church, change husbands, change wives, change coaches, change this and that instead of changing ourselves. Despite starting the league playing badly, Dynamos kept faith in their coach, LIoyd Mutasa. We often make our coaches heroes when they win, and immediately turn them from heroes to zeros when the going gets tough. We quickly forget some of the great past victories they attained.  Be stable and be patient with your LIoyd Mutasa, he may help you get to the promised land.  

Number3: Ride On The Wave
One of the biggest mistakes people make is their failure to ride on the wave, their failure to keep on the momentum. At the time of writing this article, Dynamos football club has gone on a 5-straight games winning streak. They didn't start well, but after winning a few games the players gained confidence, the team has kept on winning and winning! Whenever you get a breakthrough, it's important to keep on the momentum, capitalize on that breakthrough to get more victories.

Many companies, churches and individuals don't understand this important element of success. For example we have churches which hold conferences, during those conferences many people may get saved or born again. The people would have been convicted and excited about worshipping God. It's a moment of victory, ride on that wave, seize the opportunity, make phone calls and follow-ups immediately whilst the interest and passion is still there, strike while the iron is still hot, keep the momentum. This usually doesn't happen, many times some authors make their book launches and artists do their CD launches and fail to ride on the wave. During the launch their so much advertising and excitement about one's product and this excitement rubs on to the clients or customers as well. Unfortunately many of us don't capitalize on these moments. Those are the times to maximize the sales, maximize the soul-winning, maximize your victories. Dynamos is riding on the wave of their past victories, maintaining the momentum, capitalizing on those confidence boosting wins. Ride on the wave, keep the momentum, that is the secret of climbing to greater new levels.

Number4: Avoid Conceding Goals
Dynamos has gone for 3 matches without conceding a goal. This is one key of successful teams, churches, companies and businesses; don't concede goals easily. What shall it profit a man, to score 3 goals and concede 4 goals, it's a loss and vanity of vanities says The Motivator. There are churches that spend so much time evangelizing, they win a lot of souls but those souls or people they win don't last, they don't stay for long. The important thing to do would be to first analyze and find out why are people not staying in our churches, what are we not doing right? Why are we conceding all these goals? It doesn't help you to keep winning people if you are not keeping them. It doesn't help to keep scoring goals when the opposition team is scoring even more goals against you. It's like someone who continues to pour more water on a container with holes underneath. Fix the leakage, tighten the defense, shut the back door, solve the issues which are not making people stay in your relationships, in your churches or company. Otherwise all the goals (profits) you score are worthless if you continue to concede goals.

Mthokozisi Gwizi is a preacher, motivational speaker, accredited facilitator and inspirational author. He has written 3 life changing books, several articles for magazines and newspapers; and has been a guest speaker on various radio stations.  For your feedback on these articles contact / /

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