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Zimbabwe shall never close

13 Jul 2016 at 11:41hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is open for business 24/7 and shall never shut down. No amount of propaganda, vilification and demonization can change that fact. Not even by the devil himself. We are a discerning lot. We understand that it is only a fool that will reduce their home to rubble, only to rebuild it to the same specifications that it previously had. Otherwise, besides unnecessary labour and incidental expenses, what would be the point? This explains why the country rejected the insane call by anarchist megalomaniacs in opposition political circles, pressure group community including fly by night clergy as well as detractor sections of the private press, for civil disobedience but chose instead to pursue productive causes such as reporting for work.

That opposition political activists such as Evan Mawarire , Stern Zvorwadza and Promise Mkwananzi were gleefully contemplating windfalls of donor funding they expected to accrue by way of having supposedly delivered on the regime change agenda, a feat that the MDC-T had fallen short on, has never been in doubt. This is informed by the fact that countries that fund opposition parties in the region, such as USA, Britain and France, have previously made it crystal clear to their local poodles that they have to earn every penny of funding, a situation that has seen opposition parties and their pressure group acolytes literally falling on each other in coming up with ludicrous projects to milk their gullible foreign masters.

Equally unsurprising have been ridiculous demonstrations at a handful of the country's embassies organised and orchestrated by a pitiful rented crowd of opposition activists in self-imposed exile that are trying to make a name for themselves understandably in preparation for supplanting the otherwise clueless local leaders. These are the same individuals that have tried and failed to incite disaffection and even violence against Government in neighbouring countries and abroad by their malicious interpretation of Statutory Instrument 64. Under normal circumstances, one would think that such a move by Government to protect local industries and jobs would be applauded but, alas, no! They would rather protect foreign interests, including sacrificing local jobs as well as exporting scarce foreign currency so long as it fits into their quest to assume power through hook or crook. The ill-advised Students Solidarity March in Tshwane, otherwise known as Pretoria, is an indictment of our collective conscience, for how is it that such young people could easily embrace a culture of violence directed at their own kith and kin? Rather than pursue studies for the purpose of meaningfully contributing towards the country in future, there appears to be an obsession with hooliganism. That is the reason I sometimes query the authenticity of some of the so-called diaspora students, since these could be nothing but a cacophony of opposition activists with a criminal fantasy.

More perplexing is the attempt by an otherwise insignificant and hitherto unknown group of adults with too much time on their hands and little else to do going by the moniker UK Diaspora Zimbabweans to call for anarchy at Zimbabwe House in Britain. Genuine Zimbabweans in that country have serious progressive issues to deal with and will not listen to lunatics howling loud and long about tissues. Mind you, the monster called Immigration Policy that has been sired by the so-called Brexit spells doom and gloom for opposition political activists as most of these owe their stay in that country to asylum statuses. It is thus not so surprising after all to see such a circus unfolding for these people have to continue to justify their stay. In fact, if you ask me, most of them would rather the country sunk into the abyss because any improvement in the country's economy would pose colossal question marks and risks about their statuses, which could be so easily revoked, resulting in deportation.

At the risk of being deemed arrogant, I will state this fact. Recently, I told Mkwananzi, as he was extolling the vices of Mawarire in his Facebook page, that Zimbabwe would not baulk because her resilience is legendary. I pointed out that his infantile impotence lay in his careless assumption that a handful of followers, most of whom are desk personnel at the MDC-T information department, could possibly translate into an avalanche of protesters on the appointed day.

"You want to sail on the blood of innocent Zimbabweans by promoting anarchy in the name of exercising civil liberties. You take democracy too for granted. No country that has undergone illegitimate regime change has lived to tell its story. Iraq is aflame. They are also burning Syria. Egypt and Tunisia are plagued by sectarian violence. For what? Spill your own blood and leave Zimbos alone."

Boy was I on point! Zimbabweans want to better themselves and they know how to put across their genuine grievances to their receptive Government without recourse to violence.     

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Source - Sambulo Vuma
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