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A Motivational lesson I learnt from my 'Useless' Dog

16 Jul 2016 at 20:52hrs | Views

Long time ago while I was still a little boy, I had a little dog called Lion. Well, the truth of the matter is that I think calling my dog 'Lion' was a disgrace to the lion kingdom. 'What a useless dog I have,' I thought to myself. The dog had no speed and couldn't hunt animals. On the other hand I had a friend of mine who had a vicious dog, strong, fast and deadly. How I wished to have such a dog at my home!

One day I went to visit my friend at his home. I found him beating his 'wonderful' dog which he had tied on a tree inside the yard. I asked him what the matter was. He was so furious and kept of beating the dog that I had always admired and wished to have. He explained that his dog was very mischievous, it had eaten all the eggs of one of his chickens! I was so surprised, the dog I admired so much had done such a terrible deed.

When I arrived home my own 'useless' dog which couldn't hunt ran to meet me at the gate. It jumped on me and licked my face. I looked at Lion, my dog, with lots of questions ringing on my head. Was my dog really as useless as I thought? I questioned myself what was better between a dog which has neither speed nor strength and a mighty dog which devours all the eggs of chicken at home? The dog I admired so such had a great weakness I couldn't tolerate. From that day hence forth, I began to appreciate my tinny disciplined Lion.

Have you ever realized that the queue you are in never seems to move at a supermarket, but once you switch to another queue, then the queue you left all of a sudden starts to move faster? You start wondering if it was a smart move to leave the queue in the first place. What makes the grass over there to always look greener than the grass over here? Why does the dog next door always seem better and greater than our own tinny weak dog? Why does the neighbor's dog always seem healthier and more attractive than our own Lion? Why do we always admire our friend's dog at the expense of our won little loving pet? Well, he/she appears cuter, sweeter and better from a distance, but she is rarely better than the one you have in your life already. He/she has greater weaknesses than you ever thought. Maybe the solution is for you to water your own grass, feed your own Lion, stay in your own queue, nurture your own relationship, fix problems in your own marriage and resolve conflicts in your own local church. The adorable healthier and mightier dog at your neighbor's home has its own secret shocking weakness of devouring the chicken's eggs. Before you switch to the other side, think carefully if it is as good as it seems. Now, that's something I will leave you thinking about!

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Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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