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Khupe rise up, be counted

19 Jul 2016 at 14:03hrs | Views
I see now why Sekesai Holland left the MDC-T, it failed to live up to its billing of being a democratic party. It let her down as a loyal member and as a woman, until frustration galvanised her to leave and joined MDC Renewal Team as its interim party president; she got recognition as a woman who is equal to men, and one who can deliver and add substance to the party. I am exasperated at the way politics is playing up in my party MDC-T. It's obvious to any sane Zimbabwean that efforts by women in this party are in vain as they continue to be treated like second class citizens because of their gender. As a young woman in the party I had taken politics as a career and had dreams to be one day emulate women in leadership like Thokozani Khupe. But, alas my mentor, Khupe has been beaten down the curve and it's plain for everyone to see, this is not right. The leopard will never change its spots. I see it now

MDC-T has proven time and again that it is a patriarchal party. The actions of frail leader Morgan Tsvangirai on his appointment of the second and third vice presidencies in the absence of Thokozani Khupe leaves a lot to be desired. His failure to live up to the party's constitutional principles shouts dictatorship. He has shown utter disregard for the Party's constitution with impunity. He is the final word in the MDC-T, and what he says goes. Is it because he is scared he might not live long, or is it that the two Gutu boys Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri, squeezed him whilst he is still hurting from the chemo and influenced his decisions. Is this his final will and testimony for the party? Does he know something that Khupe and the rest of the party does not know? Still all this does not justify his lack of consideration for the people in the party and our first deputy when making adjustments to the very structure of the party.

Our Constitution in section 80 (1) states every woman has equal dignity of the person with men and this includes equal opportunities in political, economic and social activities. Zimbabwean leaders have thus made huge strides in a bid to empower women, and to bring about gender equality in politics, workplace and economically. Despite all that Zimbabwe has had women like Joice Mujuru who have been short sighted as to shoot themselves in the foot. Swallowing before they had enough time to chew and getting chocked in the process. We find such women in political demise, in the political wilderness trying to make a name for themselves, however competition is tight as the ones that held the territory won't let it go, especially to undecided and unhinged women like her.

It is such scenarios that have caused us women within the MDC-T to worry about the likes of our Deputy Thokozani Khupe, who instead of building a political career so strong that even the monsoon winds won't blow it away, they are busy wasting time with petty issues in the streets of Bulawayo. Madam Thoko, you had better start wearing trousers and acting like a man if the men in the MDC-T party are to take you serious. Desist from pacing the streets with pots in your hands and start making hay while the sun shines. You see, while you were out beating pots with a bunch of women, the real man in the party were crafting the future strategies of bringing you down and complicating your game. Man up Thokozani and stop letting the womenfolk down. Stop chasing after the little fish and make a place for yourself at the big table. You have mollycoddled Tsvangirai far too long such that he has ceased to see you as a worthy candidate in the Presidency but rather as a mother or sister whose place is in the kitchen with the pots and babies.

Stop it Khupe, Stop it! Seize the day for the stars show that your future is uncertain. You are about to be pushed aside into the dust bins of political oblivion. Act now and object to the bloated presidium, delay or indecisiveness may have unfortunate or disastrous consequences. Refuse to be considered a non-entity within the MDC-T party and demand your rightful place at the table. You are being played like a piece on a chess board. It is common knowledge that Morgan is not well and maybe that is the reason he is making uninformed decisions. Find out the reason why he is leaping without looking. Sit Morgan down and advise him on the consequences of his unilateral decision. Is he clear of what is ahead because he might not be able to go back on his decision? Clearly Morgan has written himself off, and has resigned himself to this colon cancer. This is the reason why he has elevated those two, he is seeking someone to groom for the presidency, and that person isn't you madam.

You have a right to know where you stand in all this, demand that it be put in black and white, nothing personal, just politics. Politics can be very dirty, unless you get yourself in the mud you will never be near winning. Dive in Thokozani and stop being diplomatic and nice. It's about time you showed you are not just a pretty face, but that you have brains as well.

Prosperity Mzila <

Source - Prosperity Mzila
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