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Have A Dose Of Motivation: Critical Critics' Crippling Criticism Crisis!

20 Jul 2016 at 01:07hrs | Views
Just a few moments after arriving at the battlefield, David found him- self in the hands of a furious critical brother. Now, stop feeling sorry for the poor teenage David, behold the critical Eliab is knocking on your door. Eliab is carrying a loaded heavy file containing all the things you should not, cannot and will not do. The choice is ours, to listen to Eliab or to our spirit man. Now here are some of the things contained in your critical Eliab's irrelevant discouragement.

1. With whom have you left those few sheep?
 1Samuel 17:28, Now, Eliab, his brother heard when he spoke to the men and Eliab's anger was aroused against David, and he said, ''Why did you come down here? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness.''‖ As you confront Goliath, Eliab will warn you against being overzealous. This demoralizing Eliab brother is wondering what you are really up to by showing up at the battlefield reserved for Saul's trained soldiers like himself. There is an Eliab minded fellow around the corner, who believes that you are only good as a shepherd boy and that you should not fool yourself by thinking that you can enlarge your territory. There is an Eliab reminding you that you should never stretch your faith, raise your expectations and believe God for greater things. There is a furious, critical, skeptical Eliab trying to convince you that you should be content with tendering the sheep for the rest of your life. David refused to believe all this nonsense!
2. Why have you come down here?
 (1Samuel 17:28) Eliab asked the young boy David why he had come down there in the battlefield. Eliab thought that only the likes of him had the credentials to fight battles. He thought that since his young brother David had not graduated from Saul's military academy, he was not worthy to come down there. Just because one is in a position of authority, it does not mean that he is better or more special than others. It does not guarantee that there is no one among the subordinates with a potential to exceed his achievements. Skeptical negative Eliab will always want to know, what do you think you are doing? , who do you think you are? And why have you come down here? Mr Eliab, do you realize that there is an unrecognized David doing warm-ups on the touch lane. There is a young super-substitute eagerly waiting for the opportunity which you are misusing. The giant Goliath has been bragging before you for 40days (1 Samuel 17:16), yet we have done absolutely nothing about him. If we fail to utilize our chances, despised David will step up from the wilderness and shake the world. Why have you come down here?' What an irrelevant question!

3. I know how wicked your heart is

 1Samuel 17:28 Eliab had some holier than thou attitude. He actually thought that David had a wicked heart where as God had looked at David's heart and found it pleasing in his sight. (Acts13:22) After removing Saul, He made David, their King. He testified concerning him: I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart, he will do everything I want him to do.' Behold, there is an Eliab in our churches, but pointing out the weaknesses and sins of David and other brethren, not realizing his own wickedness far exceed the ones of people he is criticizing. There is an Eliab in the house of God, who has caused many people to backslide. Eliab is running all over the place, reminding everyone how wicked their hearts are and how they have messed up big time in the past. Luke 6:41 ''And why do you look at the speak in your brother's eye, but not perceive the plank in your own eyes.''  Eliab's criticism, judgmental attitude and self- righteousness is totally irrelevant!

4. You have come here to see the battle
 1 Samuel 17:28 Eliab asked David why he had come down to the battlefield, but he then proceeded to state that he knew why the young man had come down there. Eliab claimed that David had come to that battlefield to watch the battle. But David was in battlefield to embarrass the uncircumcised Philistine. Eliab had just jumped into a wrong conclusion. Don't we have several brethren who have been hurt by immature disciples who wrongly judge them? Don't we have many wounded, limping, heartbroken, discouraged and back- slidden believers who have been bruised, crushed and destroyed by the judgmental wrong conclusions made by the foolish self righteous Eliabs of this world? Eliabs critical, skeptical judgmental attitude is totally irrelevant!
5. You are not able
1Samuel 17:33 And King Saul said to David, -You are not able to go against this Philistine to fight him….‖ It's amazing how many people are very eager to tell you what you are able or not able to do whilst they have never seen you in action! How many school teachers, parents, sports coaches, managers and pastors are guilty of talent homicide by brutally killing the talents, potential and creativity of individuals destined for greatness by telling them the four deadly words, ''You are not able?''  He thinks that only one of his coward soldiers will one day gather enough courage to bring down Goliath. King Saul thinks that you are not able. He is considering your age, your poor background. Do you agree with him? Well it does not matter whether the critical crippling words are coming from your elder brother Eliab, or the respected King Saul, as long as the opinions are not consistent with the Word of God, they are most definitely irrelevant. 'You are not able!', the four deadly words that have so often destroyed the sons of men, which were destined for greatness! Whose report are you going to believe?

(An extract from Gwizi's Inspirational book 'Against All Odds: It Can Still Be Done')
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Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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