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Mawarire must stop blaming others for his failure

21 Jul 2016 at 14:44hrs | Views
From his recent conduct through social media, it would appear that the so-called "Pastor", Evan Mawarire suffers from a psychotic condition called psychological projection, also known as blame shifting, where one blames other people or situations to explain his or her own personal failures.

In Mawarire's case, the trigger that ignited his current emotional outburst against the whole world was that, by his own admission, he failed to pay school fees for his children.  He then began to blame the Government, took to bastardising the National Flag, ranting and raving on social media.

While the original story was that he had, in April 2016, failed to raise money to pay school fees for his children, international media have been trying to sanitise the story to make it seem more chivalrous.  Certain Western media now claim that Mawarire was angered because he had failed to access money in the bank.  Surely school fees could be paid through RTGS? Mawarire was broke, period.

Mawarire, being a social media loafer and unindustrious person, has tried to urge decent hardworking people not to go to work in the so-called "national shutdown".

When will Mawarire realise that his failures as a person and as a parent are attributed to himself and himself alone?  Rather than engage in useless social media ranting, why not do some proper work to raise money for your children?  Mawarire is a case for the Maintenance Court, which is well accustomed to dealing with fathers who are too lazy to do some real work or to find money to look after their children.  The unemployed Mawarire turned to starting his own church, a venture which again failed, and then he took to creating social media storm around the issue of his children's school fees.  The social media storm will surely die a natural death. The French and American money will dry up. Mawarire will then realise that he is back to square one, failing to put food on the table and failing to send his kids to school.

Ironically, Mawarire is the author of the book "Dealing with Failure on The Road to Achievement" yet he himself fails to maturely deal with his own personal failures! Mawarire should rather be ranting for access to land, to produce for his family and to make a profit and contribute positively to Zimbabwe's Gross Domestic Product.  He should be using his time to get practical technical education and understand how to use his own hand to rescue his family from the jaws of poverty.  He is better off as a farmer, mechanic, carpenter or trader than as a social media loafer.  Mawarire must learn from the Proverbs 31 woman who " sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night…"

Nobody disputes the current economic challenges in Zimbabwe and in many other commodity-producing countries around the world.  Global commodity prices have been severely depressed since around 2012, resulting in declining revenues for primary producers such as Zimbabwe and most African states.  Within the SADC region, several countries' currencies depreciated by more than 40% in 2015 alone.  The current economic problems are part of a global cynical economic phase, which is transient.

 Better days will come soon enough, as commodity prices are bound to recover.  Moreover, Africa's economic emancipation will turn on the continent's ability to revamp the international trading system and become an exporter of value added products.  Value addition and beneficiation are the key issues that African leaders are seized with at the moment, crystalized by President Mugabe's 2014 - 2016 tenures as Chairman of SADC and the African Union.  Enhanced intra-Africa trade will also maximise the continent's internal capacity and reduce reliance on external markets.

Mawarire assumes that Government does not know about the economic problems in the country.  He is either mistaken, ignorant, or both.  He probably doesn't read the National Budget, has probably not read ZimAsset and he clearly doesn't read the national press.  Making noise in the streets is no solution.  Mawarire's approach is that of a narcissistic individual who in actual fact wants to destroy the whole black society's economic emancipation.  See the number of whites and foreigners who have suddenly started to sing praises of Mawarire.  If productive black people succeed economically, that would expose social media loafers such as Mawarire.  He wants to burn down the whole house so that he becomes equal with everyone else, when nobody has anything, as when black people were disempowered by the brutal White Colonialists in 1890.

Source - Japheth Mhlanga
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