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Have A Dose Of Motivation: Don't Let Me Die Here! Keep Singing By The River Bank.

24 Jul 2016 at 20:51hrs | Views
Several years ago when I was still a young boy of about 9 years old, a tragedy happened in our village at Lupane. Some people who were crossing the Shangane River with a boat capsized into the river and some drowned and died. A few people were lucky enough to get hold of a nearby big tree which was in a small island inside the river. Only a small part of the tree was visible and the rest of the tree was inside the river. The waters kept on rising, the survivors kept on holding on desperately to the tree on an island which was almost covered with water as well. It was a painful sight.

The entire village went to the river bank and sang the whole night encouraging the survivors not to let go of the tree as they would drown to death. We sang and sang the whole night telling the survivors that help was on the way! A military helicopter only arrived the following morning to airlift the surviving victims who held onto the tree to safety.

What if we had not sung the whole night? Some of them would have given up all hope and let go of the tree and perished. What if we had not sung that whole night? Some might have fallen asleep only to fall into the river, drowning to death. What if your words of encouragement are something that someone desperately needs to keep going? What if your silence in a time such as this is going to lead into someone giving up on life? Keep on giving words of encouragement to the weary, you may never know who needs them most. Please don't let me die here, keep singing by the river bank!

Stay Blessed.

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