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Mnangagwa deserves Zezuru political witchcraft

28 Jul 2016 at 17:06hrs | Views

In 1896, Zimbabweans were subdued by the British and by 1923, Rhodesia was formed out of amalgamating Mashonaland and Matabeleland without consultation of Africans. It is true to say in 30 years since the arrival of the Colonial British, Zimbabwe developed better than any other country on planet Earth. Colonialists were excellent in terms of infrastructural and economic propagation.

By 1933, an enslaved African in Rhodesia was prouder, healthier and educated than any African in the continent. While education and health improve, prosperity MUST follow and Africans were oppressed by Colonialists to ascent according to increasing knowledge. The Conservative Colonialists dreamt of a Rhodesia where Blacks were to be educated but remain slaves to increase the wealth of their Colonial Masters. It was an impossible aspiration.

Getting more educated and travelling to neighbouring countries and watching the Black Power protests in America on Televisions, Zimbabweans started their own resistance in 1956. By 1957, Black Zimbabweans, led by Joshua Nkomo, knitted  well-structured organisations to enforce Democracy in a Colonial country which did not respect indigenous people.

Zimbabweans of 1956 operated in unison. There was no thought of tribe since Colonialists had treated all Blacks equally as Second Class Citizens. The thought of tribe under such oppression was of no relevance at all.

In 1960, Robert Mugabe, a then 36 year young Zezuru teacher who had spent some years in Ghana, joined Zapu and was elevated to Secretary general. Having learnt the politics of manipulating tribe in Nkhwame Nkrumah's Ghana, Mugabe secretly knitted an anti-Ndebele leadership within Zapu. He remained insidiously loyal to Joshua Nkomo, the Zapu President while knitting  Zezuru Witchcraft which operates in the dense darkness of the night when everyone is unconscious. Sithole, Tekere and a lot of other half educated fools rebelled and Emerson Mnagagwa, who had been deployed for military training in Egypt by Zapu, rebelled and joined a Zezuru cooked conspiracy. This was a conspiracy against Zimbabwe as we know it today.

Still using sorcery, Mugabe knitted a Zezuru conspiracy against Ndabaningi Sithole who had led Zanu from 1963. He worked as an innocent, expressionless, loyal and dependable democrat under Sithole, the Ndau Shona, while in the depth of the silent night, he knitted a high nest for himself. In 1977, it was widely expected that Josia Magama Tongogara would lead Zanu. Mugabe, a Zezuru, manipulated the Karanga majority of Zanu to install him as President although, democratically through a vote in such a tribal party, a Zezuru cannot win because of the small number of the Zezuru within the Shona tribes.

All along, Mnangagwa was not intellectually gifted enough to notice that Zanu was a Zezuru Project which survives by manipulating the ever-sleeping Karangas like him. In his dreams, Mnangagwa thought that Mugabe would automatically anoint him as successor because he has always defended Zezuru political witchcraft against the Ndebele, the Karanga like Tongogara and Rugare Gumbo, the Manyika like Tekere and Mutasa.

Mnangagwa was a front man in Gukurahundi killings and he strongly believed that Mugabe would realise that and anoint him as successor. Mnagagwa was too unintelligent for 50years to realise that Zanu is a private business to enrich people of Zezuru descent using well proven sleeping Karangas.

Karangas have slept since the times of Matope. They have never had a Karanga leader since then. Facts cannot be argued against and no one can point at anyone who has ever been an overall Karanga leader since Matope. At least the Zezuru had Pasipamire Chaminuka in 1870s. the Karanga had splinter ever-quarrelling chiefs and no central ruler. Their DNA has lost sense of leadership which is why Mzilikazi, Lobengula, Cecil John Rhodes, Rhodesians and Mugabe presented better leadership to the Karangas than the Karanga themselves.

The problem of Karangas emanates from self-deceit. They like to lean on an icon and fight each other for being the one closer to that icon and this is who Mnangawa is. Mnangagwa failed to lean on Joshua Nkomo in 1961 and was kept as a distant and ordinary Zapu youth. The idea of Zanu in 1963 became another opportunity to find a new icon to lean on and the nearest he got was to guard Mugabe in 1977. Mnangagwa did not use his intelligence as an educated young man, he found comfort in suppressing other Karangas like Tongogara to create an icon to lean on.

A joke was popular around 1989 when Muzenda, a Karanga Deputy of Mugabe is said to have asked Mugabe "Whose Deputy President would I become if you loose 1990 elections?". What's important about that humorous joke is that it bears out the limitation of the thinking of the Karanga. They are fond of fighting each other just to be the one to lean on an icon. They may be the largest number of all any Shona tribal groups in Zimbabwe, but, the 400 year culture leaning on an icon at any expense fails them.

Mnangagwa's long years of propping up Mugabe, expecting to be anointed as the first Karanga leader in 500 years, was a total dream. In the past 50 years, Mnangagwa created enemies within other Karangas in Zanu while trying to be the one to lean on Mugabe's perfumed armpit. He destroyed Tongogara, whose philosophy was to cement Zanu and Zapu in 1979 to create a Zimbabwe united front as it was in 1956. Mnangagwa failed to read Tongogara's logics because his eye was in maintaining a tribally divided Zimbabwe where his Deputy Leadership vacancy would be more likely maintained. Tribal division meant more chance for Mnangagwa in his mind, but because of his natural low I.Q, he failed to read Mugabe's own Life-President ambition.

Many Karangas do not like Mnangagwa for the sins he has done against the Karangas with an aim to become Mugabe's heir. Karanga places have deteriorated to the levels of 1907 while Zezuru places are exponentially increasing in everything.

As a Karanga who suffered under Mnangagwa initiated Gukurahundi in 1983, I say Halala! Feel it Mnangagwa! Feel it and see reason why Tongogara sought unity while you were knitting Gukurahundi. I would supply Zezuru Witches with sorcery material to undress before the Nation and display all your sins since leaving the Zapu post in Egypt.

Chimbwido Grace Marujata Mugabe has already told you the Zezuru are unconquerable. Keep your sleeping nature as a Karanga and find someone else to lean on. The perfumed armpit of Mugabe are a reserve for the Zezuru only and do not seek vacancy there.

Rakanga Danble <

Source - Rakanga Danble
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