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Zimbabwe War Veterans Owe The Nation An Exaplanation; Why They Went To Fight In The War Of Liberation

29 Jul 2016 at 16:10hrs | Views
Reflecting on what happened during those dark days of the war of liberation, one wonders whether it was worth it or not. Young men and women, the older folk fondly referred to as "king killers", children and many others lost their lives under every cruel and most painful circumstances in pursuit of what they dreamt of FREEDOM. As the war ended at the end of 70's those that had survived rejoiced believing that finally freedom had come, but it was the choice of leaders that changed that joy introducing a new form of oppression never expected.

Former ZANLA forces were immediately launched into a revenge for personal issues of the early 60's when ZAPU and ZANU separated, most of these issues had nothing to do with the freedom of our beloved country. Our colleagues in ZANLA forces were given unbridled power over life and death of all former ZIPRA combatants and civilians as long as they did not belong to ZANU-PF or were suspected of not belonging. Some killings were of general joy, a serial killer drive. Mugabe used these guys and slowly turned them into killing heartless machines. Evidence has it all.

Gradually some of these guys started realising the mistakes they had done and how far they had gone but fear of not only the enemity they had created with the population but the hold Mugabe had over them with the divide and rule stinging creating so much mistrust among themselves had to soldier on.
As that communique came out detailing so much truth in it, it appeared time had come for the war veterans to break that hold. Never before has ZANLA former combatants faced the truth about the objectives of the struggle and the misrule by their leader Robert Mugabe a tyrant who has never in his life wanted to see any other person rule Zimbabwe except him, be it destroying it as he is doing.

The communique by the war vets spelt the true systematic truth about how Mugabe has destroyed those that started the fight against in the colonial rule in the 50's. His destructive drive started in Mozambique, detaining and killing those opposed to him. He came into Zimbabwe and divided his drive into two fronts, within ZANU-PF and outside, the victims being ZAPU and its leaders, with Joshua Nkomo the prime target. On the other hand Tekere though having broken the law, he had to go and be silenced, Mugabe had started building himself as the only revolutionary leader in Zimbabwe. He now worked tirelessly to create an image for himself that would eventually see him as one and only leader who freed Zimbabwe. He labelled all opposition as assassination attempt to cover up what next he would do to his enemies. Unfortunately, his persuasive language had war vets licking from his dirty fingers dripping with blood of both genocide of the western regions and the Murambatwsina cruel executions.

Now the war vets are starting to see how wrong they have been all the years and are now not allowed to say they have seen the light. They are being persecuted for attempting to turn their lives around and point out where the wrong lies. They are being persecuted for trying to ask for forgiveness from the people of Zimbabwe, directly or indirectly. How sad and evil. Yes, they let down those they went out to liberate, yes they  compromised the values that drove them to join the war of liberation and most of all those that did not have the chance to see a "free" Zimbabwe. Why then are they persecuted for offering their apology to all they mistreated believing they were right?

Of interest is how Mugabe built his strangle hold on the war vets. It was first the Gukurahundi, followed by the Genocide in both Midlands and Matabeleland then the white community at which stage the world intervened refusing him and his inner circle visit to Europe and other Western countries. The one word that was used during this exercise was SANCTIONS, which gave Mugabe and his cleverness in words the liberty to mislead the country into seeing the west as the problem in an otherwise well governed state. Without analysis or rejecting it the war vets were misled into supporting actions of a mafia leader who is also a renowned serial killer again sucking his dirty blood dripping fingers. The war vets forgot to check where this blood came from and wanted to enjoy its fruits yet it all came from the innocent citizens as had happened before. It is only now that they look up to see how much they have been conned into believing that this oppressive leader was their friend and comrade, yet a  killer only ready to keep himself in power. Mugabe then talks about people removing him at congress, only himself as the people and no other. He is both the majority and minority in ZANU-PF doing whatever he pleases

Yes, as former ZIPRA forces we owe the masses of Zimbabwe an apology. We failed them when we could have been there for them. I don't remember anywhere in our history that we fought to take away other people's properties. We fought to remove the system and not fight the civilians yet Mugabe misled us to raiding the white people's farms. I stand in support of the issued communique by War vets, and I add my voice to say," sincere apologies for letting  the citizens of the Zimbabwe down."

Source - Tsolo Dube
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