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War Veterans endorse WORD's methodology to kick Mugabe out on the 25th

06 Aug 2016 at 08:13hrs | Views
On the 25th of August 2016, Zimbabweans will converge in a way that has never been seen before, to kick Mugabe out of our State House. At 14:00 on that day, Mugabe will be humbled into an ordinary Zimbabwean and will share our suffrage for the first time in 37 years. In the last two months, the WORD, an invisible word which virtually represents the synthetic WORD of every Zimbabwean, declared that Zimbabweans must converge under no specific Political Party.

The WORD clearly explained that Mugabe is an senior architect, when it comes to dividing Political Parties. Because of his undisputed skill to do so, no Political Party will ever kick Mugabe out of our State House. Mugabe uses everyone's money to destroy everyone's Political Party and truly to destroy everyone and every good thing in Zimbabwe. Our money is used against us!

The WORD conscientised the Nation to use a new innovative methodology to converge and act against Mugabe outside any Political or group umbrella.  Without an umbrella, Mugabe is clueless of how to divide Citizens action.

A day ago, the Zimbabwe War Veterans Secretary General, Victor Matemadanda repeated the WORD's vision that the Citizens of Zimbabwe should converge against Mugabe as ordinary Citizens. Matemadanda repeated the WORD's findings that all Political Parties in Zimbabwe have become the source of dividing the Nation. If one is wearing a Political Party shirt, he is sure to provoke other Zimbabweans who otherwise need the same freedom objective he is seeking.

Matemadanda told Zimeye that political parties are exploited to divide rather than unite people. No normal Zimbabwean does not know that problem, just that we, as a Nation, do not know how to take a shuttering Political action without involving a Political Party.
On the 25th of August, two weeks from now, nine million Zimbabweans will converge at State House and get Mugabe out of our Institution and subsequently installing a Council of Reconciliation which comprises of 26 members to interimly run our country. These will be two individuals, a man and a woman, elected from each of the 13 Zimbabwean tribes.

Zimbabwean Citizens will flock to Harare from the 18 of August as ordinary shoppers from all over the country. On the 23rd of August, it is obvious that Mugabe will be feeling something very unusual by the density of people in the streets of Harare. On the 24, there will be little space to drive any vehicle in Harare due to the number of hungry people in the Capital. At 3AM, on the 25 of August, hungry, defenceless, unemployed, desperate, dehydrated, weak and oppressed Citizens of this country will converge at the State House with one voice, "GET OUT!!!!". The disproportionately outnumbered brutal Police will fail to stop anyone due to a high number of vulnerable weak friendly people who will be taking a Citizen action to eradicate poverty.

By 11:00 AM, Mugabe will be able to see for himself, while packing his bags, how many Zimbabweans they are in a country he has run down since 1980. On that day, he wont be able to point a finger to Sanctions, Mavambo, Zapu, ZimFirst, People First, MDC or unemployed Graduates, Tajamuka or Mawarire. It will be a day to take stock of the strong WORD of the Citizens and leave our State House in peace and contrived hurry.
At 11:30 of that day, Mugabe will see face to face the real-time-faces of angry victims of Gukurahundi, ESSAP, Murambatsvina. Victims of road-side-Pseudo-Police Corruption will be there for Mugabe to see alongside workers who lost jobs due to company closures since 1980. War Vets, who are threatened with Gukurahundi action, will be at the side of the people of Zimbabwe that morning. Pensioners who can't buy bread will come with orphans who lost parents due to dilapidated hospitals. In that crown will be relatives of people who died in car accidents due to unserviced roads since 1980. Marginalised society who can't receive food handouts because they are not Zanu will be in the crowd. Youth who have never seen their father go to work will be helping the tired elderly people at State House.

This is the Citizen Mass Action which Zimbabwe will see once and never to happen again once Mugabe would have left.

It is Independence Day on the 26th of August and no one should fail to be a Change Maker on that day. No action, other than to present oneself at State House, is needed. From that day, the Civil Savants will be guaranteed full revised pay by support from International Community. By 2019, Zimbabwe will be one of the most attractive investment countries in the World. Jobs will be abundant and no one will ever see corruption again. No one will ever know starvation and desperation. No one will know tribe and marginalisation.

Zimbabweans will claim back their dignity within the Nations of the World. The action of all, is the power that is needed to get Mugabe out of our State House in 24 hours. Do not fail to enforce the change you want in our country on that day. Meet you in Harare.   

Source - Rakanga Danble
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