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Mliswa an aimless, selfish and unreliable nomad

24 Aug 2016 at 09:34hrs | Views
History has taught us of a calculative group of people called nomads, who moved from one place to another in search of food and water.

The hallmark of nomads was not to attach themselves to any location but to temporarily inhabit it for its fresh food and water supplies only to unceremoniously exit it once its sumptuous natural resources have run out.

This was a much-needed survival tactic for these non-agricultural communities.

Unlike some of us who have continued to permanently occupy pieces of land cleared by our forefathers, nomads remained detached and uncommitted to any piece of land they had used.

Interestingly, the nomadic syndrome has brushed off to some politicians in Zimbabwe, who have shown their unmistaken lack of commitment and loyalty to any constituency.

These are politicians who stand ready to move to other constituencies once defeated in elections.

One Temba Mliswa embodies such kind of nomadic traits and predatory politics. He reminds me of Egypt Dzinemunhenzva, only that the latter does not shift from one party to another at the drop of a hat.

Mliswa is a mascot of all political nomads.

For those who don't know him, Mliswa is a self-appointed leader of a purported youth pressure group called Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD).

He was once a legislator for Hurungwe West but disgracefully lost the seat when he was shamefully ejected from ZANU PF for his subversive conduct.

When a by-election was subsequently held for the constituency, Mliswa participated as an independent candidate but was convincingly trounced by Keith Guzah of ZANU PF, who became the new legislator.

Instead of waiting for an opportunity to once again compete for the Hurungwe West seat, Mliswa abandoned the constituency when he smelled greener pastures in Norton where a vacancy had arisen after the former legislator, Christopher Mutsvangwa had lost the seat due to his unrestrained tongue and love for power.

Like a model political nomad he is, Mliswa took no time to announce his interest to contest in the Norton constituency by-election and hastily moved his squeaky political campaign machinery to his new hunting ground.

In a blink of an eye, the YARD leader had forgotten about the people of Hurungwe whom he had previously pledged eternal love and loyalty.

True to his nomadic instincts and in a classic u-turn, Mliswa is now declaring unending love and commitment to the people of Norton, pledging to permanently serve their interests and bring greater opportunities for them.

With nothing to offer him anymore, the people of Hurungwe have become an insignificant part of history to Mliswa.
His nomadic traits are even apparent in his conduct prior to expressing his interest for the Norton constituency.
Before the Norton expedition, Mliswa had found other fresh pastures in civic activism.

Known for being a firebrand young politician, it was surprising that Mliswa formed a supposedly non-political organization called YARD, saying he would not dabble in politics again.

Yet, after being attracted by the magnanimous hand of Western donors towards hostile civic groups in Zimbabwe, Mliswa cast his nomadic net in this direction, hoping to trap the most rewarding catch.

His YARD project took him to Europe and other citadels of western donors.

Nonetheless, even before the logo colours of YARD could dry, Mliswa had shelved the project to try his luck in the political jungle of Norton.

Mliswa, who had declared that he would not venture into politics again, has now set his eyes on the Norton by-elections.

This brings to the fore the question whether those contesting to become Members of Parliament are truly seeking to represent the people or are just seeking employment.

In the case of Mliswa, who by virtue of losing the Hurungwe West seat and his membership in ZANU PF could have lost a financial pedestal, the Norton seat is an attractive employment opportunity he cannot miss.

It is clear that Mliswa is not in the Norton race to genuinely represent the people of Norton but is in it to quench his insatiable quest for money.

In the near future, it would not be surprising that the nomad in him could influence him to abandon the people of Norton for other supposedly appealing opportunities offered by his eagle-eyed instincts.

In other words, the YARD leader is not a reliable politician for the people of Norton to vote him into power.
His predatory instincts are something that the people of Norton should be wary of. They should not reward such nomadic politician who is after self-aggrandizement.

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Source - Gwinyai Mutongi
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