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Why People Buy or Collect Disused Zim Dollars

27 Nov 2011 at 14:53hrs | Views
During its time it was considered worthless but now its treasured by many. Its been scraped out for over two years and its street value has gone up but Tourists buy it as souvenir and locals collect it just to remember the hard times our country once went through.

Some people collect it for the reasons below:

1. Great gifts for currency collectors, economics buffs, or people that just like weird things.

2. They make great bookmarks!

3. Can be framed and hung in an office or home

4. Impress your friends and servers by leaving a 100 Trillion dollar tips (in addition to a real tip of course!)

5. Good to always have in the wallet. Great conversation starter

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe began shortly after destruction of productive capacity in Zimbabwe's civil war and confiscation of white-owned farmland. Food output capacity fell 45%, manufacturing output 29% in 2005, 26% in 2006 and 28% in 2007, and unemployment rose to 80%.

During the height of inflation from 2008–09, it was difficult to accurately account and monitor for Zimbabwe's hyperinflation because the government of Zimbabwe stopped filing official inflation statistics. This cessation in filing made it difficult to accurately observe how severe inflation was in the country.

In 2009 Zimbabwe abandoned its currency; at present in 2011 a new currency has yet to be introduced, so currencies from other countries are used.

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